We find these 5 Ted talks to be essential for any business owner. Experienced or start-up, add these to your arsenal of resources to help you take your business higher.

1. On hiring the right talent
2. On leading a team through change
3. On creating a social media strategy
4. On losing control of your brand
5. On building a business that lasts

If you have never created a business from the ground up before, you won’t know just how hard it can be. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears will go into this process to turn your dream into a reality. And you will achieve it. With the help of online comparison sites like Digital Supermarket who can point you in the direction of the best digital tools on the market, from listening to the advice of successful business owners, it won’t be long until you are on the road to success yourself. And these Ted Talks can give you an extra helping hand along the way too. But when you’re running a small business, the last thing you need is to waste time watching videos online. That is unless those videos might help your bottom line.

In the days leading up to Small Business Saturday, the shopping holiday that encourages people to shop or dine at local independent businesses, entrepreneurs should take the time to re-examine their hiring strategies, set better goals, and create engaging social media campaigns. All of this should, hopefully, encourage more people to support your business. To push your business forward even more, it might also be worth considering getting in touch with a top digital marketing agency in los angeles, for example. They should be able to implement some SEO techniques onto your website, helping you to draw more people to the site. That should result in more sales, meaning that your business can increase profits. More business owners should consider using this sort of thing, it could really benefit the business. The ultimate goal for any business owner is to grow the business regardless of its current size and success, everybody is always striving for more. If this applies to you, click here for advice on growing your business.

Here are five innovative TED talks that can help.

5 TED Talks Every Business Owner Needs to Watch

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