This week we are featuring 5 no-nonsense Instagram accounts to assist you in developing a solid wardrobe and giving you a virtual style guide. Getting inspiration from Instagram, or other social media platforms, is a great way to change up your usual style every once in a while. Some of these accounts may feature a link in bio containing all of their other social platforms. It might be worth looking to see if these accounts have that in their bio so you can view some of their different styles on alternative social media platforms. Whilst we’re on the topic of social media, you may also want to head over to to learn about Instagram growth services. For now, though, follow these guys and wonder what to wear to that BBQ no more.


Just because you are a Dad does not mean you need to sport a dad bod and frumpy cargo shorts. Jamison Wheeler from @dadthreads shows us how to style your wardrobe, stay current with trends and adds some inspiration for the average dad who occasionally needs to refocus his priorities on the things that matter most; family. Jamison also has a killer flatlay page at @flygrids

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Hunter is a new breed of style. He features both flatlay grids and complete outfit options. His collections are focused on the more casual side. He shows us that casual does not have to be sloppy. From what we understand, he will be featuring travel destinations in the future. We look forward to see how Hunter’s style changes as he travels the globe. He also runs @votrends.

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Chris has built a massive following by featuring simple outfit choices. While many Instagrammers are providing manicured images of them eating lunch at a ritzy restaurant, Chris puts the emphasis on the outfit. Warning, you will leave his account with a list of items you will want to purchase to refresh your wardrobe.

Chiropractor turned style badass, skateboard riding style maven who makes no apologies. Bret uses is coined hashtag of #wellstyledman. His account focuses flatlay outfits and provides details for each item in order for you to build yourself a similar look. Use his account to save images to refer to when doing your seasonal shopping.

Shaun is an Australian who’s style will make you want to elevate your professional look. Sharply tailored suits and exquisitely knotted seven fold ties provides you with daily inspiration on how to upgrade your business look.
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