What is a watch winder and why do you need one?


If you are the owner of an automatic winding watch you know the hassle of having to manually set the time, date (and on some watches the day) every time you go a day or two without wearing it. A watch winder solves this problem by having a partial or constant rotation on your timepiece while not in use. You know those items that you never know you need until you have it, that is what this watch winder is. If you do a quick internet search into companies such as Stockinger, you’ll understand why this is a necessity for any watch enthusiast.


Most high end swiss movement watches operate with automatic winding technology. This works with the use of a weight inside the watch that is constantly being pulled down by gravity. As you move your arm, that weight is pulled down towards the floor winding your watch with each rotation. More recently, these movements have also been more common with more affordable watches. Japanese movements are a similar yet, less expensive technology that can be found in watches ranging from $400-$1,000.




The WOLF Double Roadster is sleek and elegant. From a design perspective we feel is is a cut above the competition. Just google watch winder and you will see a bevy of cheaply constructed, gaudy designs from most manufactures. The Roadster can double as a piece of furniture with it’s ebony Madagascar wood veneer and black pebbled elements. The combination of wood, glass, metal and expertly taut fabric shows the care that goes into this product. If Jony Ive designed a watch winder, this would be it.


Details & Functionality


One of the first thing that you noticed about this unit is the attention to detail put into it’s creation. The entire unit is wrapped in a black pebbled exterior secured in place with detailed stitching on the top and bottom of the unit. The unit is held closed with a magnetic locking device. When the glass door is lifted up, it snaps into place with a heavy duty magnetic closure. Once the top is lowered, the metal lock clicks into place. The unit comes with a key which looks like a miniature skeleton key complete with a leather hang tag which matches the exterior of the Roadster.


Once opened, you will notice that a patterned fabric is used on the inside which compliments the leather nicely. The top tray is divided into two compartments. On the left you have a space for three additional watches. The cuffs that these watches go on are thin which adds to the design. If allows you to focus on the beauty of the timepiece. Many watch holders come with pillow like cuffs which can take away from the aesthetic. On the right you have a separate removable leather box with snap closure. The inside of this box has an indent for a leather strapped watch to lay flat. The cut out is large enough for a wide millimeter design. There is also a small compartment which is good to store a strap removal device along with a few nato straps to change out the look of your watches.


The main event is surely the front where the two winders are located. Here is where all the elements used come together in an exquisite fashion. The controls are located on the bottom. Here you can control the number of rotations and the direction of each winder. A nice option here is to have them rotating in opposite directions. There is even an option for delayed start option of up to 72 hours.


We were impressed with the cuff design detail and functionality. On the front of the cuff is an WOLF logo embossed leather application making the unit aesthetically pleasing even when it is not occupied with one of your timepieces. The cuff is wrapped with the same fabric in the top of the box and is equipped with two plastic clips. These clips are how you install and remove your timepiece from the winder. In order to get you watch onto the cuff you first place your watch over the cuff. Once it is around it, you squeeze the cuff and it compresses like an accordion. At this point you can close your watch and click it into place.

Details are not spared in the back of this unit. It can run on A/C power or batteries. Even the battery compartment is wrapped in fabric. In a day and age of mass production, who thinks to fabric wrap the inside of a battery compartment? Wolf. This unit is QUIET. One of the biggest drawbacks to a watch winder is the sound that some of them make. Since a practical use for these units is in a bedroom, it makes it that much more important that the unit be as silent as possible. We were extremely impressed to find out that you cannot hear this unit operate.


The WOLF Roadster is a well crafted unit. Special attention was paid to every detail of the unit from the logo embossed cuff to the magnetic door closure. As mentioned above, there are many inexpensive watch winding solutions. Don’t be cheap and invest in quality and the unit will last for years to come. The WOLF Roadster gets the job done and provides a quality second to none for a watch winder in this price range.
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