Working a 9-5 just isn’t for everyone, one alternative is combining work and travel. That may seem like a far off dream for many to be able to achieve this but technological advancements, as well as a buoyant international job market mean that dream is far from unachievable.

So whether you are considering a digital nomadic lifestyle performing services such as writing or web design from your laptop, or are after a more traditional career such as one in construction, it’s worth considering where else in the world you could perform your job from.

So if being chained to a desk for the rest of your life just isn’t for you then check out this great infographic put together by De Vere Hotels to discover if your there is a job for you out there:

The Best Jobs for Travellers

Jay Williams
Jay is part of the community team at De Vere Hotels, responsible for engaging with their community and beyond. As well as having an obsession with all things, travel Jay is a family man, and lover of self-improvement and life hacks.