Tom Hardy is a style icon when it comes to suits and casual looks. Here are some outfit details and tips from this three piece suit look. There are a few mistakes so read on!

  • This rounded collar shown here is called a club collar. A club collar is essentially a standard collar with the edges rounded. This is also referred to as the Eton collar because it was worn exclusively at Eton College. This is a style that you do not see often and should be worn with a higher end suit. It works best on a more athletic build as it helps to accentuate wider shoulders. If you are on the thinner side, we would suggest going with a spread collar.


  • A satin pocket square always adds an elegant look to a suit. The color should compliment the color of the tie but never match. Never wear an exact matching tie and pocket square combination. You will see some lower end stores selling ties and pocket square sets. These are not meant to be worn together.


  • This patterned navy suit is exceptional but it is by no means a staple. We suggest you go with solid navy in your wardrobe first. If you have a large collection of suits (say 10-12) with all the basics covered, you can consider a similar pattern but be sure to cover the staple items first.


  • There are a few flaws in this outfit which we will cover. Tom’s tie is thin and that looks great however when wearing a vest, there is no need to wear a tie bar. This makes the look too cluttered.


  • One crucial mistake here is the bottom button of the vest. This should always be left undone. Removing the tie bar and undoing the bottom button will upgrade this look.


  • A stainless steel watch and simple bracelet pull the look together. A black strap would also do the trick.

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