Kit Harington has risen to fame portraying John Snow, the heroic bastard on HBO’s Game Of Thrones. His public profile has been on the rise over the past several years and so has his style. His off screen looks can be categorized as casual rocker. Here’s a couple of style tips you can learn from the King in the North.

The Sophisticated Suit

When choosing a suit there are three things to consider: the cut, shade and fit. Harington is stocky, so the fit of his suits has to be tight to accentuate his build. A classic black suit with white shirt is perfect for a formal event. The key is not to overdo it and let the suit speak for itself. Looking fashionable and camera ready is a celebrities’ main goal. Here Kit looks dapper and stylish in a well tailored black suit, which is why this is Kit’s most memorable red carpet moment.

Business Casual

A less formal look is a great option for industry events. A great rule to abide by is to dress down your regular business attire. If you are able to achieve this you will certainly impress. Kit Harington’s take on business casual is simple and relaxed. Here he sports a matching blazer and pants in grey with a black V-Neck T-shirt. The outfit is completed with a pair of leather boots with brown detail. His look is appropriate and stylish.

Off Screen Casual

Most guys would go for a simple shirt and shorts on their casual day off but Kit’s off duty looks are reminiscent of a front man of an indie rock band. His rock star image can be easily replicated, here he’s wearing slim dark jeans, boots, leather jacket and a gray T-shirt. The jacket has a unique color and finish. The suede killer boots tie the look together. Overall Kit’s outfit has a boyish charm yet he still manages to look mature.

A few things to keep in mind about Kit Harington’s style. He stays away from colors, graphic tees and is a fan of vintage boots. His wardrobe choices are mainly sweaters, T-shirts and blazers. His hair is always groomed, styled to the side and his beard is rough but maintained. His outfits are put together without looking too polished and his style aesthetic is effortless.

Janel Livingstone
Janel is a freelance brand curator and social media strategist based in Manhattan with 4 years experience in brand development and marketing. She works closely with emerging and established brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.