Men can learn a lot from Jeremy Renner. The late-blooming actor/musician/producer is what we desperately need right now; an unpretentious talent who presents a clean-cut though often scarred warrior on screen and a laid back, casual ease off it. Born January 7, 1971 in Modesto, CA, Renner found an early passion for acting and studied drama at Modesto Junior College before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. It wouldn’t come easy.

Though he started with TV and film roles in 1995, it wouldn’t be until 2003 when he began to develop his now trademark on-screen style in the movie S.W.A.T. Aptly playing the reckless character Brian Gamble, Renner first discovered how his close-cropped, military style look could become his signature style. This look would follow him into more well-known roles in such films as 28 Weeks Later, The Town, The Bourne Legacy and his most critically acclaimed performance, The Hurt Locker.

In each role, Renner gives us a renegade tough guy who keeps his looks shorn, his attitude sharp and his finger on the trigger. He would dress up nice for supporting roles in the successful Mission Impossible franchise releases Ghost Protocol and Rouge Nation where he held his own against Hollywood big shot Tom Cruise. Born with good looks and a fit build, Renner is just as comfortable in military fatigues as he is in casual suits, as well as the townie garb of a felon bank robber in The Town, a role that won him many fans as he plays the psychopath sidekick to Ben Affleck’s more cautious criminal.


Now, as Renner continues to make bank with the Avenger’s series we reflect on a man who patiently waited his turn to find Hollywood fame and kept to his style guidelines as he climbed to the top. We like Renner as the good-looking guy next door, the high school jock who isn’t a jerk but shows off the easy swagger of a self-confident man. His crew cuts and lack of facial hair offers an almost boyish look, even at the age of 45, and his penchant for t-shirts, jeans and motorcycle jackets allow us to feel he’s just like us, only wealthy and successful.

When not playing s super hero or super soldier, Renner can be found working on music for films and pitching his own production company, The Combine that specializes in biopics and graphic novels. He also runs a successful house renovating business in LA. These side projects allow Renner the chance to indulge in his casual side, a look that still garners him with cover stories on the likes of Details, the Robb Report, Men’s Journal and Destination, among others.

Some of Renner’s preferred on and off screen apparel include plaid twill work shirts, Brioni solid silk and satin ties, Hugo Boss wool suits, All Saints denim jackets and John Varvatos V-neck linen t-shirts. Yes, Renner puts on some big names for his big roles, but he stays just shy of being too formal and out of reach. The sure sign that Renner has necessary style is that he looks just as good in Dolce Gabbana as he does in a black t, denim and sneakers.

From the red carpet to the streets of Charelstown, Jeremy Renner is at ease in any setting. His humble approach to acting and his dedication to looking the part make this anti-glam star one worth shining on.