Vegetables have seen their place in liquid form for many a year now. Thanks largely to a more self-aware and conscious eating culture and a plethora of juice bars that have popped up – making healthy drinking more accessible. Everything from Bugs’ favorite on-the-go snack to the ever enrichment giving kale, vegetables can be found blitzed and poured to aid your daily intake of both vitamins and minerals. But have you considered that as a fruit replacement, vegetables are equally well placed in a cocktail?

Most vegetables are naturally sweet, great when raw and full of multidimensional flavor. Early last year I released a menu showcasing the versatility and accessibility of vegetables and just how they can be used. This menu of twelve cocktails used everything from Artichoke, Red Pepper, Kale, Peas, Beetroot and even Celeriac, in a list of various classics. Below I share a small collection of some of those favorites.

Cocktail Suggestions


Who doesn’t like a Pina Colada! Some of the worst I have ever had, have ironically been some of the best – sat atop a cliff in the Caribbean of slumped on the beach. Made well these are gloriously simple drinks that deserve more, than some appreciation.

This non-alcoholic version is as good as its grown-up sibling, but fear not. But for those of you wanting more of a kick, simply add a shot or two of your favorite rum to the below recipe.

For the Drink:

2oz//60ml Quality Pineapple Juice

1oz//30ml Coconut Cream

0.5oz//15ml Lime Juice

0.75oz//20ml Kale Juice


First mix all your ingredients together, then shake all with good quality cube ice and double strain into your desired glass, over fresh cube ice.


Pineapple leaf


10-11oz Collins glass. (For the alcoholic serve, you’ll will need something a bit bigger)

Instructions: Kale Juice: Yields 250ml Juice

  1. Add 500gr of washed kale and 125ml water to a blender and pulse.
  2. Pass mix through muslin or a tea cloth and collect liquid. Leave the rest in the fridge or pour into ice moulds and freeze until needed – great for alternative ice cubes.


Celeriac & Bee Pollen Bellini

For the Drink:

1.5oz//50ml Celeriac Puree

1oz//25ml Bee Pollen Liqueur

2oz//60ml Prosecco



Gently mix all your ingredients.


Champagne flute

Celeriac Puree:

850ml Celeriac Juice

150ml Sugar Syrup

Bee Pollen Liqueur:

I love this ingredient. It makes for such a great alternative in a drink.

To make the liqueur. Simply heat the sugar syrup and add the pollen and citric acid. Allow to mix and then cool before filtering any solids.

35gr Bee Pollen

500ml Sugar Syrup (equal parts sugar and water)

1gr Citric Acid

Mind Your Peas & Q’s

Aroma has a huge impact when it comes to triggering memory recognition. The smell of fresh garden peas, immediately sends my mind back to growing up, eating dinner in the garden.

This recipes is so unbelievably simple. And for those who love a GnT, this is a great and fresh alternative.

For the Drink:

50ml Gin. Infused with sugar snap peas and mint

75ml Tonic water


Fill your desired glass with cube ice. Add infused gin to the glass and top with tonic water.


Large mint sprig, clapped between your hands prior to adding to the glass to release more aroma. NB: at the point of serving you should inform your guests that this drink is based on aroma and thus not served with a straw. They should drink from the glass whilst nosing the mint.



Pea Gin:

The addition of the vegetal pea blends really well with the botanicals in the gin, to make this an epic and yet so simple twist on a GnT.

  • 225g Sugar snap peas
  • 10g Mint Sprigs
  • 1 Bottle Gin


  • Pour the gin into a non-reactive seal-able container.
  • Add the sugar snap peas once you have snapped the shells, followed by the mint.
  • Secure the lid and place in the fridge for a min of 24hrs (rolling gently to assist the infusion).
  • Remove from the fridge and strain through your home-made filter
  • Bottle and reserve. This mix will keep for 2 weeks if refrigerated.