Shoes are essential parts of our clothing. Making sure we take care of them and show them off with the right shoelaces is important. We (most of us at least), all like our shoes to be strong and comfortable. This is a tough blend to get, but this is what those at BOHEMPIA have produced. The BOHEMPIA Kickstarter brilliantly combines strong and comfortable, but in addition to this, they also made the shoes sustainable by making it from hemp.

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops. It is a versatile plant that was used to make rope, oil, paper, and food. Today hemp is now being used to make footwear. To some of you that might not be familiar with what hemp is, we are going to give some quick facts, on what hemp is and what was used to makes these classic shoes.

  • Hemp fiber is the strongest natural textile fiber and can be used to make footwear, apparel, towels, home furnishings and many other items.
  • Hemp has inherent properties that help regulate body temperature by wicking moisture. Hemp wicks 4 x more moisture than cotton. It is also antimicrobial, antiseptic and hypoallergenic.
  • Hemp grows well in Europe. Growing locally means sourcing hemp does not rely on non-organic imports from distant locations.

In the spring of 2018, they are introducing a collection of hemp, vegan and sustainable shoes. These shoes are super comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. They help keep your feet dry and smelling fresh by removing moisture and preventing the growth of odor-causing organisms. It is a good choice for environmental friendly fashionistas. We are going to look at the different shoe styles in this collection.

  • HOLATA: It brings back the well-known classic court low-top sneaker with laces that we used to know and love. These shoes were made from hemp. It has five different variety of colors four of which have white soles while the other is white.
  • VITAN: This style is meant for those who are into the whole lace thing, or for those who just what to have a pair of shoes without laces. This slip-on is inspired by SoCal surf sneakers and like HOLATA has five different variety of colors.
  • KRASEN: I have to admit this is the style I like the most. Famous as a boat shoe, this sneaker is a great match with pin rolled pants. It is available in five different colors.
  • ORASA: It is considered the Holata’s sibling and can be worn while strolling an exhibition or jumping off stages.
  • ROHAN: The lugged outsole provides traction, and the high-top cut protects your ankles from rough terrain.
  • MILEK: It combines great style of a sneaker and classic look of a boot.

These shoes are made using vulcanized construction which means they don’t need glue or stitching to bond the upper to the outsole. They are produced in one of Europe’s largest footwear centers in an independent factory located in Zlin, Czech Republic. The factory chosen has many years of shoemaking experience and tradition. The prices of the shoes are quite modest considering the quality of shoes you will get. A pair of HOLATA, VITAN, or KRASEN costs $54, while, that of ORASA, ROHAN, or MILEK goes for $64. Two pairs of any style cost $99. Three pairs cost $139, and four pairs cost $179.

Overall this collection gives good value for money and is suitable for any casual occasion.

Support the Kickstarter here BOHEMPIA Kickstarter

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