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“My passion is to bring about the maximum quality in health, mind and lifestyle…” These are the words of GOA Skincare creator, Rodrigo Diaz. Mr. Diaz is a biochemist with a masters in Fashion Design and a lifetime of experience in creating superb products. I would say that makes him 100% qualified to stand behind those words.


My attention was first brought to GOA when I was in search of finding a better shaving cream. The one I was using, despite advertising otherwise, would leave my skin too dry and I would often suffer from razor burn. For those of you who have found yourself in the same position, you know it can be highly irritating as well as distracting throughout the day.


Naturally, I was skeptical of any new product, considering my previous experience. However, after some recommendations from a few friends who were largely in favor of GOA Skincare, I decided to give it a try. A short time later, it arrived in the mail and I gave it a go.


After my first shave using GOA’s firming Shaving Cream, I was thoroughly impressed. My face felt moisturized and very smooth, and not a single point of irritation at all. Surprisingly, my blades were quite a bit easier to clean off – it seems to me that this cream isn’t as thick conventional shaving creams; allowing it to rinse away more easily.


I suppose that is what you can expect when you use a cream made completely with organic materials such as Shea butter, Avocado, Olive fruit, and more. Anti Oxidizes, repairs hair follicles, and promotes younger looking skin. It sounds more like a miracle serum than a shaving cream, but then again – this is no average shaving cream.
Needless to say I was happy to continue using it. The younger looking skin didn’t actually catch my eye until after I had been using GOA for a couple weeks. I had overlooked the subtle fading of a few wrinkles here and there until one day, looking in the mirror, it dawned on me. “Where did my wrinkles go?”
It was kind of like discovering a gray hair in a place where there didn’t use to be one. It’s not like it suddenly appeared out of nowhere, you just hadn’t noticed it before. My wrinkles weren’t completely erased, but they were much fainter than before.I don’t see myself ever switching to any other shaving cream.


Check out the entire product line here.
GOA Skincare
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