You’ve probably seen or heard about the quip electric toothbrush. This brush was all over social media when it first made an appearance a year ago. Those well-targeted ad campaigns were hard to miss. I know because I didn’t and that’s how I first came across to this quip brush.

It’s wrong for me to say, quip is just an electric toothbrush company. In reality, this is more like an oral health care service. The reason is that the company operates on a subscription-based module. In this arrangement, the toothbrush is obviously its crown jewel but it comes with some other cool products and accessories. You should still try to visit your dentist such as Dentist Middletown so they can keep on top of your oral health and give you any treatment options should you require them.

However, I need to talk about the star of the show which is the quip toothbrush. The first thing that comes to my mind looking at it is elegance. For me, it is similar to a concept car kind of a thing with a toothbrush except the fact it’s not a concept, this thing is legit.

I have to give credit to quip for keeping things compact. Electric brushes usually are gigantic but this one is similar in size to a traditional toothbrush. Maybe slightly bigger still, that’s a big achievement.

The toothbrush itself is a thing of beauty. I love the sleek aluminum handle. It feels and looks a cut above plastic made handles. Plus, the matte finish on it makes the quip aesthetically stunning. Inside this little handle is the motor and an AAA battery that runs the thing. This toothbrush may make you feel as though you’re going to the dentist every single time you go to brush your teeth. Of course, you still need to visit your Dentist Marlborough regularly, but this brush can give you unprecedented confidence in your own dental health.

The brush has a small head which comes off easily by snapping off from the place where it’s attached to the handle. The head has a small surface containing the flat and soft bristles which are enclosed by some rubber bristles around the edges. Also at the back of the head, there is some rubber thingy with the logo of the brand to keep the tongue clean (which you should never neglect).

There was a big surprise waiting for me when I tried the thing the first time. I couldn’t tell that my quip brush was working. That’s because the brush head didn’t spin like most brushes. However, I felt the vibration the moment I pushed the power button on the base of the head. The handle was vibrating but still, there wasn’t any visible movement going on the bristles part.

I put the thing in contact with my teeth and that’s when I felt the vibrations of the bristles. The quip brush has a 2-minute build in timer set. And it sends pulses after every 30 seconds reminding you to change the area you’re brushing. When your 2 minutes are up, it will send triple pulses reminding you to turn the thing off.

To be honest, these functions aren’t anything new that I’ve seen in a brush. There is a brush already that works in a similar manner with all those functions. Yet, I prefer the quip one as it offers a more pleasant teeth cleaning experience than its counterpart. The vibrations on the bristles work in a more smooth way and also it’s more on the quiet side.

The quip is perfect for travel. For years I have had an electric toothbrush at home but when I was on the road, I would need to default to a standard brush or clunky, poorly made battery operated option. The quip is the size of a standard brush coupled with the functionality of high-end electric brush.

The quip brush has won me over. The product is obviously impeccable but the philosophy of the company is something I really can get behind. This subscription-based model began with a plan to make people aware of the importance of changing their brush regularly. If you’re in the market for changing your brush soon, perhaps you’ll be eyeing up the quip or you might want to read into a good review on Current that overviews 8 different electric toothbrush models available for purchase at the moment, or have a look around for various reviews on other products!
I’m personally guilty of overusing my brush. In my defense, I didn’t know that it was doing more damage than good to my gums before I was told so by my Dentist Alhambra. And most people like me either don’t know or forget about changing their brush. That’s where the quip swoops in with its subscription model. It provides new brush heads to subscribers mailbox every 3 months making things convenient.

Quip is doing a phenomenal job. And I believe this service has something for everyone. We have also added them to our Holiday Gift Guide.

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