Luxury sneaker company Koio opens up a new store on the UES of Manhattan and gets a spectacular new video from Tyler Greco. Over the last year and a half, we have seen the Koio brand develop into one of the most dynamic sneaker brands in the country. Recently the brand has expanded beyond the direct to consumer model by adding two retail locations. In the past, they have participated in pop-up spaces, but they are now opening permanent spaces and currently have two in New York.

The stores are sleek and modern, very much replicating the sneakers which the company sells. However, the team at Koio may want to consider using some modern point of sale systems, like self-service kiosks for example, which “Improve your bottom line and speed of service with an intuitive Self-Service Kiosk” (resource). This is something that many companies are now utilising and Koio won’t want to get left behind.

In addition, they have a new brand video from filmmaker Tyler Greco. We sat with Tyler to get his perspective on how such a masterpiece was created.

KOIO “Starstruck” from Tyler Greco on Vimeo.

“Koio’s brand spirit inspired me with so much romantic imagery. I wanted to capture their ethos of being brave and relentlessly following your dreams. They collaborate on shoe designs with such amazing talents – all people I’m in awe of, all people who are living out those dreams. New York has always been a place where hope and ambition light up windows in millions of tenements and skyscrapers. I imagined the city and every light within it twisted upside down in galactic proportions – the three artists our constellations. This was the essence of the universe and the basis for all the visuals. At its core, the piece is truly an homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic story The Little Prince. And because of that, I brought in other inspiration that captivated me as a child. Specifically, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series which I was obsessed with even before I could read. And also the “Tannhauser Gate” speech from Bladerunner which is such a beautifully succinct monologue on life and death. In his final moment, the replicant says “I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.” It’s such a poignant reminder that we all have little time to chase stars. We need to get at it.

“The city footage was shot in infrared black & white via helicopter. Every aerial shot was pre-visualized and rehearsed in detail. It was the only way we could achieve the seamless effect when flipping the image and marrying the two worlds. The infrared technique gives the city a magical twinkle like no other. The majority of the artist footage was shot with this same approach. There was never a dull moment filming Jonboy, James Whiteside, and Quincy Davis – all three are pros at what they do whether it be tattooing, dancing or surfing. It took an army of talent to bring my vision to light. I’m proud to say I had the most amazing collaborators on this project.”

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