RAF Bomber Jacket by Cockpit USA – We had this one in our Mega Men’s Gift Guide this year. Remember that famous cover of Esquire with Tom Hardy wearing that amazing shearling coat? About a year ago we searched everywhere for it. Finally, we asked our Instagram community and within an hour our search led to Cockpit USA. It was their RAF Sheepskin Bomber Jacket.

Thursday Boots – Boots and belt made from high quality leather and expert craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

AVI-8 Flyboy Watch – This is an inexpensive, quality timepiece that gets a lot of attention with its unusual face design. In a homage to the Lafayette Escadrille, Avi-8 embraces the true essence of the “Flyboy” moniker. Young, brash, bold, reckless but heroic and deeply drawn by a sense of duty as much as adventure – it was indeed the few and the brave of the Lafayette that has given rise to the name that has become synonymous with the Avi-8 timepiece collection.

GOA Skincare Beard Oil – Want the beard to look sharp and shiny? We recommend beard oil applied with a brush or fingertips. The GOA beard oil is a fast absorbing, multi-use, nutritive oil to accelerate the repair of damaged, dry hair from daily hectic life. The Hyper-Conditioning Beard Oil revitalizes and strengthens hair using Vitamin B5, E, organic argan oil and Japanese green tea extract while providing a high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants, adding long-lasting protection.

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