The leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and every man should have at least one in his style repertoire. A trusty leather can be both a statement piece and a jacket that can be worn everyday. It’s truly versatile. You can even maintain the look of your leather jacket, and that’s by being able to condition your leather with sustainable products which will keep your staple piece looking fresh and new. It’s also transitional, bridging the gap between seasons. And it’s timeless too, so you will always get a chance to wear it years down the line. Need some leather style inspiration? Here are 4 of the coolest leather jackets from movies.

Brad Pitt’s Red Leather Jacket in Fight Club


A retro leather jacket with an accessible style that can transcend the limitations of each decade of era. Easy to style in any season and a simple way to inject colour into an otherwise drab ensemble. This particular jacket has a blazer cut so it can be worn for slightly more formal occasions as well as at the weekend.

To get an authentic Tyler Durden Fight Club look, shop vintage and wear the jacket in to give it a more distressed and casual appeal.

Daniel Craig’s Levi Jacket in Skyfall


James Bond famously wears a 1930s vintage Levi’s brown leather jacket in the movie Skyfall to depict his more rugged look during his short ‘retirement’. At this time, he is presumed dead and is sporting a more rough and ready look compared to his usual sharp tailoring and clean shaven appearance.

The original jacket, which is the Levi’s Menlow, is made from 100% sheepskin leather and a polyester lining. With two pockets, a foldover collar, zip up front, vented back and a zip fastening. It’s easy to style with weekend casuals and looks great in summer or winter.

John Travolta’s Biker Jacket in Grease


It’s a classic that will never fail to impress. The classic biker jacket is fashion’s universal symbol for rock ‘n’ roll. From 1950s doo-wop and rockabilly to 1980s punk rock, the leather biker is an iconic wardrobe statement for anti-establishment and the anti-mainstream. Danny Zuko’s character (played by Travolta) in Grease remains as one of the most famous uses of biker leather in modern film and television. And it’s a look that is still imitated to this day.

The black leather biker jacket is one of the easiest forms of leather to style for men, and there are always many styles available both on the high street and in high end designer boutiques. So it’s a look that is accessible for every budget.

Tom Cruise’s Bomber Jacket in Top Gun


This is the ultimate aviation jacket for anyone who enjoys a statement piece. Worn by Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun, it’s become one of the most iconic outfits of modern fashion history. A bomber cut makes it ideal to pair with jeans and a t-shirt, and the patches give the jacket its most recognizable feature.

The jacket, known as the G-1 Navy Flight Jacket, was originally commissioned by the US Navy in 1931. Made from a medium brown goatskin and a brown mouton collar. This jacket was made by Cockpit USA for the movie and they sell it here. They even make a kids version.