For the last 4 months, our team has been testing hundreds of grooming product submission in search of the best of the best. If you follow our Instagram, you know that we never review products that we do not believe in. After countless men’s grooming product comparisons, we have narrowed down the list to thirteen items that we can proudly brand with the 2018 Men’s Grooming Awards badge. This list doesn’t include grooming services that are becoming more popular, such as the manzilian you can get from, but that may be another list we do in the future. If you’re looking for a premium male grooming experience then this mens barber shop toronto is certainly worth a try! We are linking to every product if you are interested in giving them a try. One thing to note, this segment falls under our Not Sponsored, Just Awesome series.

Muhle Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor R89 – Still using expensive and less effective disposable blades? Transform shaving from a chore to an experience by switching to a safety razor. Check out our article on Shaving Old School here if you are on the fence. Trust us, this is a game changing grooming switch.

Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush – If you are cool enough to pull off a beard, make sure you have a way to tame it. The Beard Oil Brush from Can You Handlebar is compact, comes in a sleek tin case and does a great job of controlling those whiskers. Use in conjunction with our beard oil award winner below.

The Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush will also help spread natural oils and nourish new beard growth. The brush is perfect for use on both dry or wet beards. The Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush is for serious beard and mustache growers.

GOA Skincare Under Eye Boost – Eye care is not just for the ladies. If you suffer from dark circles or puffy bags, this under eye serum should be taken for a spin.

An immunity boosting serum for under eye skin impacted by late night stress or early morning fatigue. Formulated specifically to lift, reduce puffiness, and recover the contour of the eye. Infused with botanical stem cells from the Globe Daisy plant, which detoxifies the skin from the effects of stress and alcohol. Coupled with GOA’s proprietary ingredient, Dark Phyto-Matter, the Anti-Fatigue Undereye Serum works to create an energized and healthier appearance.

The Roosevelts Beard Company Beard Wash & Conditioner – Beard care does not stop at brushing and using oil. Normal soap and shampoo can be too harsh for the short hairs of your beard.

Regular soaps and shampoos found in most hotels and stores will dry out your beard, but this is specifically formulated for facial hair. The Roosevelt’s shampoos and conditioners are free of sulfates, parabens, petroleum products, and synthetic fragrances.

quip Electric Toothbrush – We featured this on in our Mega Men’s Gift Guide this past holiday season. Named one of the TIME’s Best Inventions of 2016, quip is the sleek, simple, and surprisingly enjoyable electric toothbrush designed to help you brush better starting at $25. The bristles vibrate for two minutes and pulse every 30 seconds to guide a full clean in hard to reach areas, and a nifty cover hygienically stores your brush at-home or on-the-go – made slim and light for easy holiday travels.

Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne – Throw it in your bag and always have you favorite scent when the time calls for a quick refresh. The packaging alone on the Fulton & Roark solid colognes is exceptionally made. They have many scents to choose from. After using a solid cologne, we don’t know how we ever lived without it.

Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne is a highly-concentrated wax-based fragrance that is long-lasting and steady wearing. Its rugged, shatterproof design can go anywhere, from your gym bag to your pocket. Built for the way men operate.

GOA Firming Shaving Cream – It does not lather up like what you have come to expect from most other shaving creams. This is part of the benefit. The only shaving we have ever used that reduced skin irritation and significantly reduced cuts.

GOA’s moisture binding shave cream shields sensitive skin from irritation and ingrown hairs while reducing the appearance of expression lines. Infused with botanical hyaluronic acid extracted from Senna seeds, GOA’s Firming Shave Cream deeply conditions, cleanses, smooths, and prepares the skin and hair for a perfect shave. This formula was created to shield the skin from irritation and introduce nutrients, that give rise to healthier skin proliferation and hair growth. Another method of tackling ingrown hairs is ingrown hair laser treatment, which may be worth looking into for a longer-term solution.

Panasonic ER-GB40 Beard Trimmer – It is a wet/dry trimmer. Compact, durable and the rubber outer casing makes it easy to hold. It comes with a charging stand but will last for a full week without a charge.

Trim smoothly and comfortably anytime, anywhere with the wet/dry convenience – use dry on the go or for touch-ups, or use cordless in the shower, 100% washable. Quick-adjust electric trimmer dial provides 19 precision settings for hair and beard trimming, sculpting, cutting and detailing

Beardition Beard Oil – You can’t successfully grow a good looking beard without the help of beard oil. It can used as a pre-shave oil as well as a post shave beard moisturizer.

It also does wonders for that “new beard itch” if you are just starting out. The coconut oil base combined with a vast array of essential plant oils will help keep the hair follicles and skin below the beard hydrated, healthy and happy. This all natural, bamboo infused product was created for a bearded man by a bearded man. Of course, there are many more products available for men with beards keeping their fabulous manes healthy. For example, this beard balm from Bossman could do wonders helping to maintain a well-hydrated beard.

Spongelle Extreme Buffer – This is not a shower gel, or a sponge. It is an overall shower experience. The Extreme Buffer has a Built-in Body Wash that will forever change the shower experience. The invigorating scent of the new Bergamot Absolute is the perfect scent to kick-start your day, take to the gym or to refresh in the evenings.

Enriched with cayenne pepper extract that will help your skin feel smooth and clean. The Men’s Extreme Buffer will cleanse, scrub, and hydrate for 20+ washes in an All in One Body Treatment.

Olivina Men Day & Night Face Rescue – Refreshing and effective. We noticed a distinct change in our skin after a week of consistent use.

Hydrate your complexion in a flash with OLIVINA MEN Age-Defying Day & Night Face Rescue. When you want to reduce sun and free radical damage, this daily moisturizer’s antioxidant and caffeine blend is there to help.

Every Man Jack Body Wash & Shower Gel – Break away from basic soap and your girlfriend’s body wash. The Every Man Jack is a great hydrating body wash.

Nourish and protect your skin while cleaning deeply to remove dirt and grime. We recommend the Sandalwood. The Sandalwood fragrance calms, coconut-derived surfactants cleanse, and hydrating glycerin helps retain skin’s moisture.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4100– This one is great for shaving your facial hair or your head. If you love to shave your head but are not thrilled with the idea of using a razor on it, the Norelco 4100 gets a close shave with adjusting rotating heads to never miss a spot.

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