As a new year is upon us, and so many people are now getting on the new year fitness bandwagon with extreme gusto, the question that the cynical amongst you will always ask is, how long until they give up? Well, it seems that lots of people struggle to make it past February when it comes to any sort of routine, either fitness or when it comes to being healthy. But it seems that old habits die hard, and there are other factors to consider, such as how busy we all are in life. So, are there ways to be healthy, but to stay relatively within your old routines? Here are three things to try.

Exercise At Home

Not just by doing a couple of push-ups, but there is now a product that can give you all the benefits of going to the gym, but without setting up a p90x gym in your garage. The x3 bar is relatively new on the market and has been designed by an actual medical expert. The item itself isn’t a bulky piece of machinery but is, in fact, just an Olympic bar with a ground plate, and complex resistance bands. The resistance training bandwagon is something to jump on now, because of the intensity of the exercises means that you are done in half the time. In fact, the x3 is called that because you can triple your muscle gains. It’s all science stuff.

Stop Looking at your phone in bed

Did you find that you haven’t slept properly because you were up late messaging people? Or do you find that you have an addiction to your phone? The problem with smartphones is that they have an impact on our body’s ability to produce melatonin. This is known as the sleep hormone, and so even if you do have a good night’s sleep in terms of quantity, the quality is another thing entirely. The one solution to this is to have blue light reducing glasses, and a company called Spektrum Glasses have their glasses specifications to suit people who have to use their phone late at night. For those that have emails coming through at 1 o’clock in the morning, we hear these blue light reducing glasses are a godsend. Before ordering your blue light blocking glasses, measuring your pupillary distance so that you get an exact fit is necessary.

Begin making small improvements to eat healthier

A lot of us do. But now there are products out there to help those people who have no idea how to make a healthy meal. The great thing is now, you can wander into any supermarket, and there is a meal ready prepared for you that is usually healthy. But also, if you don’t want to go down the ready meal route, you can go and buy packages with all the ingredients and cook them yourself. There are various stir fry packages with sauces in them, meaning that all you have to do is stick the ingredients in a wok and cook them. Nowadays there is no excuse. Replace soda with water and limit fast food to start.

So there you have it, if you’re too lazy to change your habits, these are the three things you can do without much effort and time.

Ryan Sprance is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Kaihatsu Media, a Digital Marketing agency focused on developing brand awareness and sales growth through social media, optimizing digital marketing spend and developing Influencer Marketing programs. He is also the Creator & Editor-In-Chief of, a men's lifestyle media company focused on Fashion, Fitness, Grooming, Gadgets and Guy Stuff and a Contributing Editor at Julius, a data driven Influencer Marketing platform.