At this time of year, we all have them. Fitness goals we want to achieve and put a renewed focus on for the coming year. For some of us, they remain just that pipe dreams that we never get around to. For others, 2018 will be the year the finally transform their bodies and become what theyve always dreamed of being. What separates the two? Determination and a few clear tips that will propel them towards a new level of fitness. Some of them will do things like read more about Andarine S4 SARM so they understand it better and can build and develop their muscle as quickly as possible, putting in the hard work to make it happen. If you’re willing to do this, here’s how to get serious about your health:

Have a Clear Plan

The first step is the one that people often miss. Dont just throw yourself into a new regime. Theres every risk that if you dont have clear and specific goals, youll go hard at first and then tail off without ever having made serious gains. You need to identify exactly what youre hoping to achieve before you can work out the best route there. Do you want to lean up? Build muscle? Improve your endurance? Thats a start. Then get specific about numbers, progress and events you want to train for. The trick is to aim high enough for it to be a challenge, but in the range where you will see improvement to keep you going. A personal trainer can be useful to help you set the right goals and give you a route to go about them, or there is plenty of advice, sample training plans and routines online to be found.

I recommend the free BodySpace app from I have been using it for about 4 years. It comes with hundreds of free workout plans that can by synced with your calendar. The best part of it being the ability to track your workouts over months and years. If you are someone who loses focus easy, this is perfect for you. It takes the guess work out of developing a plan.

Commit to Meal Prep

Whatever fitness goal youve decided on, you wont get far without also sorting your nutrition. Good food, enough sleep and hydration are the keystones of any successful workout regime. Not only will you see the gains much faster, but youll be powering your body in the right way to get a better performance with your workout. So commit to the right diet for your goals. Meal prep comes into its own here. Set aside time at the weekend to prepare and freeze your daily meals in advance. At first, this can seem boring, but it quickly becomes a habit and just part of your weekend routine. Invest in proper containers to store the food and research nutritionally-balanced recipes that are easy to batch-cook. The temptation to go off course is much less when you have the right food on hand, ready to go. To complement your healthy diet you might also want to do some research into supplements. Some bodybuilders like to use kratom as a mood enhancer and method of pain relief. Take a look at Skinny Yoked’s review of Coastline kratom if you’d like to find out more. Some bodybuilders look towards supplements that have been used for muscle growth by rapidly converting weight to muscle, like the SARMs found on the Noon Proposition 56 website.

Find a Dedicated Space

Not all gyms are equal, and depending on the specific fitness goals youve identified, some will fit better than others. So take the time to find a gym that will help you achieve what you need to. Do you need a gym focused on muscle building or one with great outdoor facilities? What style and expertise do the trainers have? It doesnt have to be about a gym either. If you dont live near one or dont want the hassle, consider setting up a home gym. Convert a space such a garage or outbuilding, or construct a home gym with a steel-frame such as the ones from armstrong buildings. Having a dedicated space for your workout will encourage you to stick to your routine without letting outside distractions in.

Select the Right Equipment

Committing to success with your fitness doesnt have to mean spending a fortune to begin with, but if youre serious about achieving your goals, you may need to invest in the right tools at some point further into your journey. This could be a bench and set of weights or some other equipment to work a specific body part. Consider your sports garments too as ill-fitting ones can restrict your range of motion, and hinder your workout. You may also need gloves for doing body-weight movements on a bar or lifting weights, and think about joint support with knee or elbow pads. Additionally, you can get garments that are breathable so you don’t overheat when working out, making you more comfortable when exercising. Feel free to shop around and explore Gorilla Wear as other clothing types like it to find something suitable. The idea is to minimize discomfort and the risk of injury. This means you can keep going for longer, push yourself harder, and recover quicker after a tough session. Achieving peak performance is all about minor tweaks that add up to enhance your abilities.

Challenge yourself, but don’t overtrain

Although pushing yourself is the only way youll really achieve your goals, it’s also important to know your own limits and listen to what your body is telling you. Overtraining is dangerous, and if you cause an injury, it can throw everything off, disrupt your program and mean that you wont achieve your goals. So learning when to stop is as key as knowing when you can push a little more. Make sure youre scheduling in enough recovery time and rest days alongside your training sessions.


Getting in shape takes a commitment. Mental, physical and sometimes a financial commitment. These 4 steps will help you set yourself up for success so you can transform it from a task to a lifestyle that will serve you.

Ryan Sprance is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Kaihatsu Media, a Digital Marketing agency focused on developing brand awareness and sales growth through social media, optimizing digital marketing spend and developing Influencer Marketing programs. He is also the Creator & Editor-In-Chief of, a men's lifestyle media company focused on Fashion, Fitness, Grooming, Gadgets and Guy Stuff and a Contributing Editor at Julius, a data driven Influencer Marketing platform.