Ewan McGregor; actor, occasional singer, humanitarian, documentarian- the accolades for the Scottish actor are seemingly endless. Yet despite this long list, there’s a different aspect of McGregor’s character that we’re going to focus on: his personal style.
We already know McGregor knocked it out of the park with his outfit choice for the Golden Globes, but there’s plenty more to learn about style from this fashion-forward Scot.

“Matchy Matchy”

The term “matchy matchy” tends to be used with disdain in style circles; it refers to color coordination. While color coordination used to be the norm, it’s been replaced by a modern penchant for color blocking and even deliberate color clashes. Not that McGregor has paid any attention. Here are a few examples of Ewan McGregor breaking the “matchy matchy” rule by wearing the same color shirt as jacket:

Why do this, when it breaks the modern style “rules”? Simple; color-matching creates a more solid silhouette, which looks seamless and can even enhance the physical presence of a person. McGregor has a slight build and is around 5’8” tall, so this look gives him a little more physical substance. If this is something you aim to achieve, then emulating McGregor with a little color-matching might be a good choice.

Multipurpose Outfits

McGregor is known for his passionate obsession with motorbikes; a love that has resulted in two documentary series, Long Way Down and Long Way Round, and even influenced the script for his movie The Island. When it comes to casual wear, there’s no doubt his biking love influences his outfit choices.

As you can see from the above, these effortlessly stylish outfits that work as an ensemble, but has a use beyond that. Thanks to the leather jacket, you can easily imagine McGregor returning home, opening up his new package from solomotoparts, tuning his bikes up, and going for a ride all without having to change his outfit. This is a flexibility you can introduce to your style, taking into account your own hobbies. Multipurpose outfits allow you to streamline your closet, accumulating fewer items that work in more circumstances, while still maintaining a sense of style.

Formal With a Personal Touch

As mentioned, McGregor’s tux for the Golden Globes was a great choice, and it’s not the only time he’s managed to create something special with his choice of formal. McGregor teams a fairly standard formal suit with an intriguing choice of footwear. This helps to maintain the formal standards of awards presentations, while still injecting a sense of personal style into proceedings. When you dress formally, add something a little different such as a bright pocket square or interesting shoes to retain a sense of self in your outfit Ewan McGregor may not have been someone you previously thought of as a style icon, but as you can see from the above, there’s plenty you can learn from Obi-Wan himself.

Of course in his case, the full manicured beard adds to his sense of style. Here we offer some tips on how to grow your own kickass beard along with some step by step ‘old school’ shaving tips.

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