Nothing yells growth like tri-sets. This is just one step forward to pushing your muscles to its breaking point. If you always wanted to have those full rounded shoulders from front to back, this is a routine you have to add.

In order to get all that free-floating testosterone in your body to work to your benefit, you need to reach that breaking point every single time you hit the gym.  To do this, we now introduce the tri-set which is three exercises back, to back, to back to make one working set.

Adding tri-sets is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding sequences you can add to a workout. Mix this shoulder tri-set with a great nutrition plan and get the shoulders you’ve been dreaming of.  Be sure to stretch well before you begin otherwise you might experience some strain if you push too hard.

Tri-set 1

– Barbell front military press – 5 sets  reps 15,10,10,10,5

– Dumbbell standing lateral raises – 5 sets reps 15,10,10,10,5

– Bent over dumbbell lateral raises – 5 sets reps 15,10,10,10,5

Military Press
Lateral Raise
Bent over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Tri-set 2

– Barbell behind the head military press – 5 sets reps 15,10,10,10,5

– Dumbbell front raises – 5 sets reps 15,10,10,10,5

– Barbell up right row – 5 sets reps 15,10,10,10,5

Barbell behind the head military press
Front Lateral Raise
Barbell Upright Row

Tri-set 3

-Barbell military press alternating front and back sets – 5 reps 15,10,10,10,5

– Wide grip bent over barbell pulls with elbows out sets – 5 reps 15,10,10,10,5

– Seated peck deck rear laterals – 5 sets reps 15,10,10,10,5

For a bonus, add this finishing set

-Rear Delt Rope pulls   5 sets reps 20,15,15,15,15

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Vinnie Ruddy is a New York City Firefighter and Co-Owner of Force Fitness Club & Crossfit Ridgewood located in Queens. He has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a gym owner, personal trainer and men's physique competitor as a 3 time National qualifier.