I have been thinking a lot about the word transformation and how one might want to take this word and use it to motivate and change their life – the way they eat, the way they work out, the way they look and even possibly where they work. The challenge is going to be different for everyone and that’s the beauty of it. We all have one goal in mind: Success. Here is some motivation for you on the days you just don’t feel like you have it in you to get the job done.

Focus on limiting REGRET. Yes, I said regret. When you break on the years, days, and moments of your life, the worst possible thing you can have is regret. That moment when one looks back at times in their life and wishes for a better outcome or that they had chosen a different path. In life, we don’t get a second chance to restart the clock. Think of it as a season with one game in it – you only have one game and you have to make every second of every moment count. We can’t go back in time but we can take today and start fresh where we are. That’s what everyone in a Transformation Challenge has done. Start fresh with one goal in mind: Success.

Jeff Bezos calls this Regret Minimization Framework. In case you were not already aware, Jeff Bezos is the founder of e-commerce giant Amazon. He founded the company in 1994 out of his garage in Seattle. He runs it as CEO and owns an 11.1% stake. Today, Amazon is regarded as one of the most valuable public companies in the world. The business was first floated on the stock exchange in 1997, raising $54 million. As a result, Mr. Bezos swiftly joined the ranks of the richest businesspeople in the world before he had turned 35 years of age.

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So, what does Jeff Bezos have to say about the Regret Minimization Framework? Well he claims it’s the basic theory of looking back on your life when you are 80. What will you regret doing or not doing? If you will regret not having given your best effort, focus on that emotion.

The best goal can only help to motivate you and inspire action in you, it’s up to you to have the confidence to make your goal a reality. Time is the most limited and precious resource we possess, don’t take it for granted or waste it, use it to reach your goals. Don’t waste energy on fear, but instead channel that energy and use it make your fresh start a reality.

Your confidence level will rise as you build your new stronger body in the gym. We must force ourselves to push past our limitations and see the goal we set start to become a reality. Time can never be taken for granted, and it’s passing right now as you read this. Your success story is waiting to be written. Good luck, don’t give up, don’t have regrets, put in the work and you will be happy with the outcome.

Vinnie Ruddy is a New York City Firefighter and Co-Owner of Force Fitness Club & Crossfit Ridgewood located in Queens. He has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a gym owner, personal trainer and men's physique competitor as a 3 time National qualifier.