Every man would love to give the Moon and stars to his special girl, but sometimes this is not always possible. I mean the closest thing you can probably get to giving your girl the moon is something like this personalised moon lamp, which she will probably love anyway. But luckily for you, if you are interested in getting her something different then today you can find a great many affordable gifts for her that will be thoughtful and appreciated, for example, if you’re strapped for cash but want to get her something that looks pricey and luxurious, it may be worth checking out this Gucci Replica guide by Mau-fashion.com to see if anything would suit that special woman in your life! When looking for an original gift, you just need to let your creativity out for a bit and look for items outside of the general ‘flowers and chocolate’ stereotype. Think ‘Outside the Box’: 6 Interesting Gift Ideas for Her

Designer candles

The Danish philosophy of happiness also known as hygge has elevated the already popular tradition of lighting candles on romantic evenings to a new height. The candle market today is huge, so you’ll definitely find something to fit your budget and the occasion. If your lady doesn’t enjoy ‘hygge nights’ yet, you can add a small book about it to your gift and enjoy mastering the art of simple happiness together. This will no doubt be a great bonding experience to strengthen your relationship.

Not your regular jewelry

Today you can find plenty of jewelry that will fit into the category of affordable gifts for her. In fact, items like silicone rings might be far more memorable as they are original and will enhance your lady’s style. They don’t even have to be too fancy or extraordinary, like glazed cupcake earrings or the like. If you want to make the jewelry gift elegant yet special, go for something like Charmed Simplicity Necklace. This particular piece can feature a picture of the Moon in its exact phase on any day. This means you can order one that will be a reminder of a special date or other important event in your relationship. It’s a great gift idea for an anniversary.

Fun Smartphone case

Over 2.53 billion people worldwide have smartphones today and these devices have become integral to their lives. Therefore, various smartphone accessories have turned from a fancy luxury to a necessity. A beautiful smartphone holder is an affordable present that will be appreciated for its practical value. Choose a piece that can double as a decoration for your loved one’s home or office.


The cookbooks of today are miniature works of art, so they will make a great display piece for any home. The recipes inside are merely an additional bonus, and not a big one either. Therefore, you should look for a book that will look most stunning. Then have fun together trying to follow the no-doubt complicated recipes and trying not to blow up the kitchen. This gift can set a theme for a memorable date.

Handmade planter

Go to Etsy and you’ll find hundreds of beautiful handcrafted and affordable home décor pieces. A planter is an original gift for a girl who loves potted plants and allows you to add an actual plant to your present. This will be a great reminder of you and can become a symbol of your relationship. A plant that needs care and nurturing in order to bloom beautifully.

Adult coloring book

Researchers say that adult coloring books are great for stress-relief (The Guardian). They are also fun because they appeal to your ‘inner child’. This kind of book will be a good and affordable gift for her by itself or you can add some pencils to it. Another stress-relief art craze is diamond art that you can find at Vizuarts. There’s many stages to it, including remembering to make sure to seal your diamond paintings, but it is essentially adding rhinestones to a canvas for a shiny look.

When choosing the perfect gift for your lady remember that the most important thing is to make her happy. Consider her likes and dislikes and choose an item that will put a smile on her face.

Ryan Sprance is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Kaihatsu Media, a Digital Marketing agency focused on developing brand awareness and sales growth through social media, optimizing digital marketing spend and developing Influencer Marketing programs. He is also the Creator & Editor-In-Chief of TheStylishMan.com, a men's lifestyle media company focused on Fashion, Fitness, Grooming, Gadgets and Guy Stuff and a Contributing Editor at Julius, a data driven Influencer Marketing platform.