You run these streets. I know exactly how you feel when you lace up your running shoes and take off at a high-speed. There is nothing better than feeling the adrenaline of an impossibly fast pace, where you look down and realize you’ve broken your own record for the second time in a row. All that matters is that you get faster, stronger, and more agile. Running makes you feel alive. With every step you take, you feel your entire body working to take the next one, propelling you towards the finish line.

You’re a runner. Make sure you don’t miss out on these items so that you’re at the top of your game in 2019.


If you love breathing in the fresh air of the great outdoors or can’t get enough of extreme cross-country backroads, it’s time to invest in a high-quality windbreaker. The Flashback Windbreaker jacket from Columbia protects you from the wind and the rain, so you’re always prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store that day. Also, this jacket is light enough so that even if you break a sweat, you’ll never overheat. Does the night call to you instead? No problem. This windbreaker is made of reflective material, so cars can see you in the dark.

Running Shoes

What is a runner without his shoes? I know you feel the same way, but that doesn’t mean you should hold on to the same pair forever. It can be hard finding the right pair of mens running shoes but there are plenty on the market at the minute. It’s time to take advantage of the new technology available in athletic wear. Throw out your old pair of worn-out running shoes and step into the new year with a fresh pair of kicks. Try the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35. These shoes feature a soft mesh and partial bootie surrounding your foot for maximum comfort wherever your feet may take you. One of the most versatile running shoes out today, the new Pegasus 35 also has a full-length Zoom Air unit to put an extra spring in your step and a beveled heel that gives you a smoother touchdown. It comes in an incredible array of styles and transitions well from workout to everyday wear, which can only mean one thing; you’re going to look fly. However, there are other shoes out there, like Vessi waterproof shoes, if you know where to look before your run.

Bluetooth headphones

Step up your workout game with a pair of headphones. Listening to music while you workout is a great way to motivate you to do better. However, it isn’t ideal to play your music out loud so you will need headphones. Some people prefer wired headphones, others prefer bone conduction headphones, but the Plantronic’s Backbeat Fit 2100 bluetooth headphones are a good option. They have been named one of the best wireless headphones on the market because you deserve nothing less. Stay connected with your smartphone so you never miss a call or completely block out distractions and blast your music while you run that extra mile. Try making playlists specific just for running so you’re pumped up for every sprint or marathon challenge that you take on. There are also hundreds of motivational podcasts available to stream through your smartphone so that you have encouragement no matter how far you run. Powering through a workout is intense. Make sure you’re always prepared with top-of-the-line accessories because nothing should stop you from exercising at your peak performance. If you’re looking for a pair of powerful headphones to help you on your runs, you might want to check out the website of Andrew Farrell, as there are a wide variety of different headphones to choose from, all separated based on what they’re used for.

Goal setting tools

Don’t let life get in the way of your workout. Goal setting is one of the most important parts of revitalizing your workout and sticking to your routine in the new year. Whether you’re a new runner or a veteran runner, you should always push yourself to do better. Buy a notebook where you can write down your goals for the day, week, or even year and hold yourself accountable for your own success.

If you just don’t know where to start, the Self-Journal gives you an outline of some tactics that really work to help push you to the next level of physical performance. It gets you to schedule in 30-minute increments of your day to keep you focused on improving yourself. In just 13 weeks, this journal will slash your procrastination and maximize your productivity by letting you work towards something achievable. It’s time to run that marathon, man.

The Final Word

The new year is upon you and with that comes new resolutions. As a runner, this could mean embarking on new journeys, signing up for marathons, or simply resolving to exercise more and better your skill. Be sure to treat yourself to the latest gear and tech-as these will optimize both your experience and your skill.

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