So you’re with a high-class woman. She’s sophisticated. Posh. Refined. Chic. She makes the Queen of England look like Lady Gaga. Or maybe she’s the opposite; maybe she has a rugged style and swears like a sailor.

No matter what your woman’s style may be, we think she deserves an elegant gift! Whether you’re buying for the holidays or for her birthday, for your anniversary or “just because,” check out these 7 very elegant gifts for your lucky lady. If any of these give you a little inspiration then make sure to check out local shops and boutiques or online shops similar to GraysOnline so you’re able to find the perfect item for your special someone!

1. Bookshelf

The best Disney prince, by far, is Beast. That’s because Beast gifted a whole library for his Belle. Most of us don’t have the money or resources for that, but a bookshelf is the next best thing. And it’s especially a great gift if your special someone is an avid reader.

What’s nice about bookshelves is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that matches any kind of room decor. We really like this fire escape bookshelf, although it’s best suited to apartments that have an industrial flair. Most people are content with polished wood bookshelves (and those ones do tend to match the greatest array of interior styles).

Even if she’s not a bookworm, she can still use a bookshelf to display fine art, accessories, and framed photographs. No piece of furniture can class up a room quite like a bookshelf can.

Remember, if it’s an “Ikea-style” bookshelf, it would be very chivalrous of you (and perhaps fun) to help her put it together-unless she’s the builder in the relationship.

Side Gift: books and bookends

2. Faceted Crystal Wine Glass

Wine glasses are always a classy gift. Unfortunately, most people already tend to own several pairs of wine glasses. If she’s stock full of them, you typically don’t buy her another pair unless you can find a REALLY good one.

Drum roll please….check out this beautiful faceted crystal wine glass. Even if she doesn’t prefer stemless wine glasses, how could she resist a pair that’s so richly sculpted? This will surely spice up her wine dishware.

Side Gift: her favorite bottle of wine or take a look on Vitamin Vino to find more wine gifts.

3. A Watch

All too often, watches are left out of the jewelry conversation. But take one look at THESE petite watchesand you’ll wonder why you spend so much time and money at Zales.

Watches will add both a glamorous and professional aura to her outfit. Nowadays, they’re more of a fashion statement than anything else. If you’re looking to mix up your “necklace and earrings” gift routine, look no further than a quality wristwatch.

Side Gift: matching sunglasses

4. Jewelry Tray

Don’t you think she should be able to display her jewelry even when she’s not wearing them? Then it’s time to buy her a beautiful jewelry tray. A good jewelry tray is both a decorative piece for her home and an alternative way for her to flaunt her fashion. Some pieces of jewelry are real pieces of art in and of themselves; they deserve more than to get shut away in a jewelry box. If the woman in your life is looking for something a little more lavish and extravagant than what she has in her current jewelry collection, go check out as there’s likely going to be something that she will find totally irresistible.

Side Gift: a pearl necklace

5. Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror can serve a variety of different purposes for her. She can use a vanity mirror to apply her makeup, to examine her jewelry, to do her hair, or to just check herself out. We really like this vanity mirrorcourtesy of Impressions Vanity Company. It features bendable side-mirrors to give her better angles when applying makeup, and there’s a nifty touch-button to turn on the lights. She’ll be able to see just how beautiful she just-just the way you see her.

Side Gift: some red lipstick

6. Caftan

Buying clothing for women can be a risky venture, but you could do worse than a quality caftan. A caftan is a super-elegant tunic that’s airy and highly decorative. It’s a less-common component of western women’s wardrobes; she probably doesn’t have one, so she probably doesn’t have one that she likes better-meaning there’s less risk in getting her one she won’t appreciate.

A caftan is super comfortable and makes for a good piece of loungewear. But if she doesn’t enjoy wearing it, she could always use it as a blanket. Better yet, you could even create personalized blankets for her with her favorite images printed onto them. A blanket is a gift she would use often and it’s something she would cherish forever.

Side Gift: matching slippers

7. Roman Numeral Necklace

Okay, so this one might be a little bit cliché. But there’s no doubt that a roman numeral necklacehas a simple elegance to it (thanks to, you know, those Roman numerals). You can set the numerals to reflect her birthday or your anniversary. It makes for a sweetly personalized gift for the special woman in your life.

Side Gift: a handwritten love note

No excuses now, guys! Get out there and dazzle your lady with high-class gifts, and she’ll marvel at your high-class taste.