This post is sponsored by Trademore. I was paid for this post.

First off, let me start by saying that this post is sponsored by Trademore. I was paid for this post. For years I have been using e-commerce marketplaces to sell my old devices. I used to do a technology switch about once every six months. I used a cabinet to save all the old boxes to make it easier to ship and I also have a false belief that having the original box might just increase my price when it came to my auction. Over the last several years, the joy of reselling on e-commerce marketplaces has disappeared. Increased final value fees on electronics, coupled with a buyer first platform mentality made it hard to get what an item was worth. Even after you shipped the item, you had to hope the buyer didn’t request a refund and have payment services freeze your account. This led to me building up quite a hoard of electronics which were pretty much useless. I had forgotten most of the passwords, although I could have used Unlock Password 99 to unlock them, there was still no point in me keeping them. They were just cluttering up my storage and I needed a solution.

I’m sure not many of you will be in the exact same boat. You might not do a lot of e-commerce, however, you have one or two old or broken devices lying around. You might have been planning to find Wholesale Apple Watch Replacement Parts to fix that broken watch (but never got round to it) or you might have just kept that old Android phone around in case a family member needed a phone (but they never asked). Whatever your case, you have a bunch of devices you don’t use and they’re picking up dust and have no value… or do they?

Enter Trademore. Not only do they make it easy for you to sell an old or broken device, but you can purchase new/used devices as well. I like having the latest device but I use two phones, one personal and one for business. I do not need two very expensive devices so Trademore makes it great for you to purchase a previous generation phone with confidence. All devices from Trademore go through a 30 point inspection for quality, reliability, functionality as well as a cosmetic check. If a device is for sale on Trademore, you can trust it is 100% certified to meet their strict criteria. If you need the device in a hurry, no worries there as all orders come with free 2-day shipping.

Trademore gives you the ability to select from a group of devices, carrier, storagecapacity, color, and overall condition. It is a huge time saver compared to the alternative of searching through hundreds of auctions to find the right one and when you do, potentially getting outbid and having to start all over again.

The process of selling is simple too. Simply select your category, iPhone, Smartphone (which is every kind of phone that is not an iPhone), Tablet or even Smartwatch. Enter the carrier, storage, color and condition of your device and an offer pops up after a few clicks. No hassles. They will even send you a pre-packaged box so you do not need to spend your Saturday afternoon at an office supplies store to get more supplies.

After exploring the Trademore option, I spent time pulling together all of the devices I have been hoarding over the last two years. Looking to raise some funds on what would normally sit around for many years until it gets thrown away.

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