Summer is just on the horizon, dudes! There are tonnes of stuff you’re going to be doing in the hot sun-hitting the beach, camping, cruising around in a convertible-and you need to make sure you look good while doing it. From the shirts you wear to keep you cool to the accessories you put on to show off – they all must look good and make you stand out! If you want to stand out while hiking or hitting the beach then take a look at this jbl clip 3 review because it’s a nifty little speaker that can clip onto any bag or belt and be blasting out some summer anthems that impress your friends!

Style is of no concern here! No matter what look you prefer, you’ll be able to integrate these summer fashion pieces into any type of wardrobe. Here are 5 summer must-haves for men.

1. Polo

A polo is perfect for nearly any and every summer occasion. They’re great for Sunday brunches and for dining out at medium-tier restaurants. But polos have a comfy feel that make them perfect for any outdoor activity, like golfing or strolling on the beach.

You should get two or three pairs of polos for your wardrobe. Your basic colors should be black, white and Navy blue, but you should also mix in a brighter color like light blue, orange, green, or purple. If you’re going to be wearing your polo for outdoor events, try and get moisture wicking polos. These polos are designed to soak up moisture. There’s a good chance that you’ll be sweating under the hot sun while you’re at the beach or playing tennis, so a moisture wicking polo is a great way to stay dry and keep you looking nice. Those looking for athletic clothing so that they can take part in sports like tennis, squash, badminton, and so on may want to consider brands like Nike and their range of sporting goods. If you’re wanting to buy something from them, be sure to check for coupons and promo codes from Raise first (see here – so that you can apply any available discounts to your purchase. Moisture wicking polos are also great if you’re going to be hanging out poolside.

If you’re going to a classier event, be sure to read our guide on sophisticated polo shirt looks.

2. Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are definitely a summer necessity. If you haven’t bought a new pair for a while, it might be time to buy a couple pairs so that you’re ready for all the swimming and splashing that summer brings.

There are plenty of cool swim trunks that you can choose from, which range from tropical to geeky. On the tropical side of things, you’ve got your trunks that have stylistic tropical vegetation on them, and you’ve also got ones that have stripe overlays. Safe to say that these are the “cool kid” swim trunks.

But there are sillier options, too. You can find trunks with designs like bananas, rubber duckies, and sailboats on them, and you can even get star-spangled banner trunks for a Fourth of July beach bash. The ladies love these silly swimsuits because they bring out your goofier and unselfconscious side, and they’re a great conversation starter at parties.

3. Flip Flops

You can’t forget about shoes! And the quintessential summer shoes are definitely flip flops. We’re not saying that you have to wear flip flops every single day. But flip flops are perfect for lounging around the pool or for having bonfires at the beach. And, besides, you’ve probably been wearing sneakers all winter and spring, so it’s time to get your feet tan.

There are different types of flip flops in market, and in stores online. In case you do not find a good pair from the local shops, you can check on virtual stores like Inocencia, and purchase the ones that match your summer vibes. It is important that you buy a good pair because the wrong pair of flips flops can really hurt your feet. Consider getting two different pairs: cheaper foam flip flops to wear around the house, and a nicer pair of flip flops to wear to social events. You can also custom your own flip flops by contacting any online site that does this personalization. Why not go in fashion for the summer!

4. Khaki Shorts and Chino Shorts

Your wardrobe should have two kinds of summer shorts: khaki shorts and chino shorts. Your khaki shorts are definitely your comfort wear for when you’re on vacation or going hiking. Your chino shorts should be a little bit nicer, and you should consider getting a couple pairs that are darker than your khaki shorts. If you’re going to an outdoor semi-formal event where it’s going to be hot outside, you can pair your chino shorts with a button up linen, and you can tie it all together with a belt.

5. Linen Shirt

Finally, be sure to add a linen button up to your summer wardrobe. Why linen, and why a button up? You should get a button up that’s specifically linen because linen is a light and comfortable material that feels good even when you’re outside in hot weather. And you should get a button up for any dressier summer events that you’re going to attend. The point is to be both stylish and comfortable! And remember that you can always roll up the sleeves if you want to catch a little extra breeze. Check out this stylish linen shirt and get a white and dark colored one for your closet.

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