Wrinkles. Weird little lines and creases. Dark spots. And those bags under your eyes. When did you start looking so old? It makes you want to run screaming to such anti-aging products as Aspect Dr skincare to rectify it. Some men turn to cosmetic surgery to try and reverse the effects of aging with procedures such as anti wrinkle injections. If you’re somebody that can’t stick to a skincare routine, it might be a route for you to explore, but I wouldn’t suggest running to your local cosmetologist until you read up on it from somewhere like the Victorian Cosmetic Institute.

Unfortunately, the aging process in men’s skin starts younger than you might think. That’s because our skin has a few things going against it that women don’t have to deal with:

1. Our skin is rougher and harder to penetrate than women’s, and most of us abuse it daily by shaving, skipping sunscreen, and basically neglecting it.

2. Men’s skin starts to lose its elasticity sooner than women’s, and this makes our skin more prone to showing those insidious signs of aging.

3. And let’s face the truth – we spend far less time taking care of our skin than we should.

That’s the bad news.

The worse news? Traditional skin care routines for men are crazy … one tube of stuff to clean, another to moisture, another one for age spots, one more for those bags under the eyes. It’s no wonder so many of us say “no thanks” to that routine.

Particle, a solution created just for men

Now, there is a new way to combat the signs of aging – without committing to that crazy routine full of lotions, potions and creams. It will take only a minute or two each day after you shave to dramatically improve the overall look and feel of your skin. And it was created for guys, because the company’s founders realized there was a huge gap in the market for skin care that worked, without making us adopt a crazy multi-step routine.

Natural ingredients for natural protection

What I really like about this product is that it contains a lot of natural ingredients that have been proven to make men’s skin healthier. And healthier skin means younger looking skin. Like jojoba oil, a natural anti-inflammatory that will help soothe that razor burn after shaving. And squalane oil, a super hydrating plant oil that is able to penetrate through our rough skin without aggravating breakouts. It also has coffee seed extract, a popular ingredient that helps improve skin’s resiliency, so it can repair itself and erase signs of sun damage and aging.

This stuff is simple to use. Just a few pumps, then spread evenly over your face, including under your eyes. It soaks in beautifully, and leaves your skin feeling great. There’s no fancy smell, and it won’t leave you feeling greasy or waxy. You can feel a change right away, and I started noticing results in just a few days. (I guess that’s why they offer a 30-day money back guarantee … by then you’ll likely be able to notice a huge difference in your skin’s appearance and feel.

A great value for a great 6-in-1 solution

You could find cheaper products out there that will moisturize, or reduce razor burn, or get rid of the dark circles and bags under your eyes, or fix skin damage. But you’ll be hard pressed to find anything this good at any price that handles it all:

  • It firms up the skin to reduce wrinkles
  • It fixed sun damage and dark spots
  • It reduces those bags and circles under your eyes
  • It soothes rough red skin after shaving
  • It adds moisture and rejuvenates the skin
  • And it nourishes it, helping it stay healthy and repair itself.

If you do the math, adding up what six different products will cost, it’s pretty easy to see that Particle is a great value.

Aging – especially for men’s skin – starts sooner than you think. The sooner you begin to take good care of your skin the younger you’ll look. And it’s never too late to start. Even if you’ve neglected your skin for years, give Particle 30 days. You’ve got nothing to lose – expect bags, wrinkles, dark circles and damaged, irritated skin.