With a lot of us working out from home and now going back to the gyms now that they are all open, I am sure we are all looking for the perfect gym clothes. When you look good, you feel good. You might just have an even better workout. Try out these brands that have workout clothes that will last you through blood, sweat and tears.

5. Gymshark

Yes we know, Gymshark might be mainstream but they are on this list for a reason. Their clothes are excellent. Throw their tanks in the dryer and they wont shrink, now thats hard to come by. Who has time to stand around and wait for clothes to air dry? Shop our favorite GymShark products below.

4. Edge Lifestyle

STAY BEASTLY! Edge Lifestyle is owned by David de las Morenas aka howtobeast on YouTube. His new workout / lifestyle clothes are on a new level. Tanks will run you $35 but you get your moneys worth for the materials that go into the product. The best part is that the clothes don’t stink after sweating profusely after a hard workout. Shop our favorite Edge Lifestyle products below.

3. Alphalete

Does the name Christian Guzman ring a bell? This brand has been around since Guzmans launch in 2015. Their tanks will run you for around the same price as Edge coming in at $34 but they are currently on sale. They fit true to size so we would recommend picking up your usual size. Shop our favorite Alphalete products below.

2. Raw Gear

This brand is brand new made by the famous Tiktok gym owner Bradley Martyn. He has over 1.9 million followers on Tiktok and 3.8 million followers on Instagram. Raw Gear does not over produce their products which means they sell out quick. They want you to wear their products with pride. They care about their customers and their products which is why they are on our list. Shop our favorite products from Raw Gear below.


Last but not least this brand is a must, thats if you have the $$$ to spend. ASRV focuses highly on their products creating a Polygiene® fabric that provides odor-block and moisture-control properties.They also have excellent color choices from clay, sand, taupe, and so many other unique colors. Tanks will run you around $58 but thats just a tank. Shop our favorite products from ASRV below.