Forget the accounts with thousands of bots boosting their follower count. Many style accounts you see out there use growth services to artificially make themselves look better than they are – just check out a review of Like Social to see what some growth services really do. This week we are featuring 5 no-nonsense Instagram accounts to assist you in developing a solid wardrobe and giving you a virtual style guide. When it comes to getting dressed for certain occasions it can be a challenge. Often times us guys are wondering what we should wear to an outdoor BBQ, work, a wedding, a birthday party, etc, I think you get the idea. Here is a list of guys who know how to dress from going back to work to great weekend outfits spent outdoors at that BBQ with friends and family. We will be doing this weekly so make sure to tag us or DM us on Instagram @stylishmanmag for a chance to be featured. Now, lets dive into our top 5 and get you gents some outfit inspiration.

Hunter Vought has a wide array of content from fashion to fitness to travel. He has been helping and inspiring many people with his daily outfits and his knowledge in the fitness industry. He actually started off creating outfit grids, and eventually transitioned into creating lifestyle content showing what the outfits look like on. Check out his Instagram page by clicking here, @huntervought.

Adam Gonon is another guy that has been around for awhile posting some of the top brands within the mens fashion industry. His profile features a lot of suited looks, but also has great elevated casual outfits that you can rock out on a date, or going out to lunch with friends. Check out his Instagram page by clicking here, @adamgonon.

Salomon DuBois Thiombiano, has a very creative Instagram page that will want you coming back for more on your next trip. His outfits range from elevated casual to awesome streetwear. He also feature a lot of hats which can be hard sometimes to dress up. Check out his page on Instagram @ducdubois. You won’t be disappointed that you did.

Ali Gordon is another stylish guy that has an abundance of inspiring Instagram short videos featuring more than one outfit with cool transitions. A lot of this outfits are on the elevated casual side featuring chinos, and a blazer, (check out his outfit above). Take notes gentleman. Check out his Instagram page by clicking here, @aligordon.

Nick Urteaga has outfits that anyone can pull off. From casual button down shirts, shorts, vans, basic layers he has you covered. Nick has helped a lot of the bigger guys out with his outfit inspiration and we are here for it. Did we mention that Nick is an actual photographer as well? Talk about crushing it on both sides of the camera. Check out his Instagram page by clicking here, @coastalflicks.