Asking out the girl you are interested in is a bit nerve-wracking, no doubt. But going on the first date with that special person is even scarier. So, no wonder you are feeling pretty nervous and anxious thinking about your first date. Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. You will get a guide to be more confident on any first date in this article.

Wearing a proper outfit is an essential step to feeling more confident on the first date. Besides, getting a haircut, ironing your clothes, not putting on too much perfume, paying the check, and having a two-way conversation are some other tips to stay confident.

However, there are many other tips to be more confident on any first date. First dates are a lot like long interviews, with the strain of pretending to act normal while you hope your jokes will make her laugh. So, in this article, I’ll discuss a few tips to be more confident on any first date, along with ideas on what to wear and some other information that you might find helpful.

Why Is Being Confident On A First Date Important?

Being confident is crucial on the first date since the girl might form an opinion of you based on your initial impression. And, not to mention that most ladies admire a confident man.

First impressions are everything on a first date. Doing the proper things on the date allows you to prepare for a wonderful relationship with that girl. However, if you screw up the very first date, there’s a high possibility that you are not going to see her ever again. 

Moreover, women find a self-confident man highly appealing. Confidence is actually on top of the list of desirable qualities that women look for in their partners. Well, if you have low self-esteem and feel nervous, it clearly shows. You won’t be able to trick anyone. That’s why being confident on your first date is so important.

What Should Men Wear On the First Date?

Men should wear something that is neither too formal nor too casual on their first date. It would be best if they wear a long-sleeved shirt with formal pants or a polo t-shirt with jeans and a jacket.

However, keep in mind that fitting is very important here. No matter what you wear if the fitting is bad, you might end up looking bad. Don’t wear something too tight that restricts your movement or too loose that makes you look baggy. 

If it’s a casual date, especially outdoor ones, wear something relaxed but presentable. Avoid wearing sweatpants, simple blue jeans, or work clothes. Wearing a polo T-shirt might be a good idea. Besides, wearing a simple t-shirt with a jacket will also look good.

On the other hand, if it’s a dinner date, you have to put more effort into your clothing. You can wear a full-sleeved shirt with formal pants. Don’t forget to tuck in the shirt. You can put on a simple blazer, suit or jacket too.

When it comes to color, consider black, blue, white, gray, or any other color that is not too bright. Wearing a watch is always a good idea. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Just wear one to make your look complete. Also, put on perfume to smell good.

Please remember to keep your shoes clean. If you are wearing formal shoes, all you need is a fast coat of black or brown varnish to revive them. If you are going with sneakers, make sure they are free of scratches or scuff marks. Now, last but not the least, don’t wear outfits you are not comfortable with. It will only reduce your confidence level rather than boosting.

9 Tips to Be More Confident On Any First Date

You want your first date to go smoothly. But if you don’t feel confident about yourself, it is very hard to ace your first date. You wouldn’t want to ruin your first date by being stressed and nervous, right?

So, here are a few tips to be more confident on any first date for your convenience:

1. Get a Haircut Beforehand

Many men will tell you that getting a haircut on the day of the event is a bad idea as you never know how it will turn out. And, to be honest, I agree with that, aside from being hazardous, a new haircut can come across as a little forced to the woman you’re attempting to impress. So, to be safe, get a haircut at least a week before the date if possible. 

However, you can request a touch-up on the day of the date, especially around the neckline. It will make you look fresh and clean.

2. Iron Your Clothes

Of course, you wouldn’t want to look messy on your first date. No matter how good an outfit you wear, it won’t look good on you if it is not properly ironed. 

So, consider ironing your shirt or whatever you decide to wear before going on the date. Also, be sure to wear clean clothes.

3. Shower Before Going

Showering is a must before going on the date. However, skipping the shampoo can be a good idea. 

Although shampoo makes the hair smell amazing, it will also deplete the natural oil, making your mane more prone to frizzing and appearing less attractive. Instead, shampoo your hair a day before the date.

4. Don’t Overdo the Cologne

Wearing good and smelling good both are essential for the date. However, putting on too much perfume is a bad idea for sure. 

You don’t want your partner to feel uncomfortable with the too strong smell of your perfume. So, be careful not to overdo your cologne. If your date feels uncomfortable about your cologne, your confidence level will automatically get low. Try some of our favorite fragrances below, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Choose a Proper Location for the Date

Location is an essential thing to consider on your first date. If you are the one to decide the location for your date, consider a place where you two can sit and talk for a long time. 

It would be best to go with a nice restaurant for the first time. You can also ask the woman you are taking on the date about her preferences. 

6. Have a Two-way Conversation

Don’t just make the conversation about yourself. Ask your date about her interests, accomplishments, and goals. Show her you are genuinely interested in knowing her. It will not only make her feel good but also ease things between you two. 

Once you guys start having a two-way conversation, your pressure of continuing the talks will reduce and you will start feeling confident.

7. Act Comfortable and Friendly

Try to act friendly and comfortable with your date. Remember, smiling and making eye contact are essential. 

However, don’t try to force things. It will only make both of you uncomfortable. Share some funny memories of your life and let your date share too. Make a few jokes, but be sure not to make any inappropriate jokes on your first date.

8. Be Yourself

Don’t try to portray yourself as someone you are not. It will only make you more stressed. You cannot act like someone else for a long time and there is no point in doing that. If someone likes you, she has to like you for who you are. 

So, don’t complicate things by acting differently. Be yourself so that you can be confident about what you are saying or doing.

9. Pay the Check

It is a good idea to pay the bill at the restaurant. It is still a cultural standard in American society that on the first date, most women expect men to pay the bills. According to a report by Money, about 78 percent of people think that men should be paying on the first date. 

However, if your date insists on paying the bill or splitting it, you should let her do so. Otherwise, she might feel you are trying to act bossy.


Well, you are not the only one who feels nervous on a first date, so take a deep breathe, and relax. As I have already given you a guide to be more confident on any first date, you should be feeling a little less scared now. Follow the tips and enjoy the date rather than stressing about it. You got this! 

Thanks for reading through. All the best!