Now that a lot of us are going back to work or just out and about more we have to start thinking about what to wear, right? We might have to start swapping out the sweatpants and sweatshirts for dress pants and dress shirts. Dressing up though does not have to be boring or uncomfortable. We got you covered with the some great outfit inspiration and clothing recommendations so you can show up to work feeling more confident then ever.

Hues of Blues:

A well tailored suit is a must have in any of our wardrobes. Start of with a navy suit first. A navy suit is super versatile and you are able to get 3 outfits from just one suit. You can wear the navy dress pants with a shirt, or the navy jacket with chinos and then of course the full suit. Then start playing around with different hues of blues. A powder blue is great for the summer especially when it comes to suiting. You’ll start turning some heads for sure. If you really want to go bold, try out different patterns like a window pane suit or go with a timeless pinstripe suit. Check out some of our favorite outfits below.

Elevated Casual, Think Suit Separates

Suits are definitely not as necessary but we believe it increases your confidence because when you look good, you feel good. You can look just as good though dressing down a hair wearing a suit separate. If you are not familiar with suit separates, they include a blazer that does not have matching bottoms. Try wearing a bolder blazer and make it the statement piece of your outfit. Pair your outfit with a penny loafer and you are good to go. Check out some of our favorite outfits below.

Casual Friday’s Might Be Everyday

Do you remember when casual Friday’s were a thing? Well, everyday might be a casual Friday moving forward. The options are endless here. Let’s start with the basics like a solid button down shirt, polo, a fitted tee, white leather sneakers, chinos, and a nice pair of denim. Once you have the basics within your wardrobe we recommend getting those pieces tailored if needed. Yeah we might sound crazy telling you to tailor your jeans, but it’s always a good idea to have your clothes fitting you how they should. Check out some of our favorite outfits below.