It seems like a lot of hard work to dress well, but it’s really not that difficult. If you just follow a few simple tricks here and there, you don’t have to spend hours deciding on an outfit and putting it together to look good. And to help you dress better, here we will share 15 clothing tricks that most guys don’t know. 

Fashion is all about the details. If you follow certain steps like matching colors to look taller or always wearing neat and ironed clothes, you can look presentable without putting in the effort. Small things like making sure your shirt fits properly or using a splash of color like red in your outfit can make you look amazing! 

These might sound like they don’t matter much, but once you follow these tricks into your daily clothing routine, they all start to add up. And the best thing about all these tricks is that they’re so subtle that no one will notice you’re changing things up. They’ll only notice that you look good overall. So, let’s learn all the secrets of dressing well that no one tells you about. 

15 Clothing Tips That Most Guys Don’t Know

These are small hacks that you might not think of. But incorporating them into your lifestyle can easily make you look effortlessly chic and presentable. So, let’s begin!

1. Hang Woven Shirts, Do Not Hang Sweaters (wooden hangers help here)

Instead of folding your woven shirts or throwing them in a corner, hang them on wooden hangers. This way your clothes won’t crinkle up as much and you won’t need to iron them every time. 

However, remember not to hand your sweaters. This is because wool, cashmere, etc will start to stretch if you keep them hanging. 

2. Match Colors To Look Taller

You don’t have to go all out and wear monochrome outfits, but sticking to a color palette can help you look tall. For instance, an all-black outfit or dark colors together will make you look lean and tall.

It’s also very easy to pair things up because you don’t have to worry about whether they will complement each other. 

3. Travel In Your Heaviest Clothes So You Have More Space In Your Bag

When you are traveling, try to wear your heavier options while you are en route. This will free up a lot of space in your bag. 

You can pack more efficiently without having to sacrifice wearing a heavier piece on the trip. And you can also keep warm while you’re at it. 

4. Pack Your Suitcase Strategically, Putting Small Accessories In Shoes, Roll Tees, Etc. So, You Can Avoid Baggage Fees

When you know how to pack well, you can bring more outfits with you on trips and vacations where you will probably be taking more pictures. Iron your shirts and pants to flatten them and save space.

Instead of folds, try to roll up t-shirts, shocks, and even underwear. You can even put your rolled socks or other accessories inside your shoes to use the maximum space. 

5. Cut Down On Dry Cleaning, Do It Once In A Blue Moon Or When It Absolutely Needs It

Source: Downy

As much as we all love freshly, dry-cleaned clothes, they can take the life out of your fabric. The more you dry clean, the faster your clothes will start to fade. 

So dry clean only when necessary. It’s better to just use a mild soap and water and do a regular wash. 

6. Prevent Shrinkage Of Clothes, Buy Pre-shrunk Clothing Or Wash Clothes On A Cold Setting

Source: The Spruce

A lot of t-shirts and cotton clothes tend to shrink with usage. There’s one way to get out of this problem. You can just buy clothes that have already been shrunk. 

Or you can wash your clothes that you might fear will shrink in a cold setting. It’s less harsh on the fabric and will shrink less. 

7. Tying A Tie Is Not That Hard, The Easiest Way To Tie A Tie

You should learn how to tie a tie. There are plenty of tutorials online and you can even ask a friend to teach it to you. 

It’s actually very easy, and it looks great. It’s a very useful thing to know because you will probably have to wear a tie at some point of your life. 

8. Wash Jeans Inside Out To Protect The Dye

Source: The Spruce

Denim is a tricky fabric and it’s very difficult to wash. Try to be careful with your denim, because if you do anything wrong the color might fade or you might lose the soft texture of your denim. 

Remember to always put your jeans inside out before washing them. It’s best if you hand wash them after soaking them in a mild detergent for about 15-20 minutes. 

9. Lose The Belt, Dress Pants, Casual Pants With No Belt Looks

Don’t wear dress pants with belts. Skip out on the belts unless absolutely necessary. This removes the problem of your belt not being appropriate with the outfit. 

You can opt for pants with a tighter fit around the waist or ones that have elastic on the inside or even better dress pants with side tabs. This way you don’t need to worry about belts and everything will look seamlessly good.

10. Throw Out The Old Clothes And Declutter

Source: Pixaby

Don’t hoard on that old t-shirt from your high school. Yes, it might still fit but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Declutter and only keep items you absolutely love. We typically use the 3 month rule here. If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in the past 3 months and it’s the same season, donate it.

Having less to choose from can also make putting an outfit together much easier. You can clearly see what options you have in a more minimalist closet. Check out our post, “4 Staple Wardrobe Pieces Every Guy Needs.

11. Use Red In Your Outfits, Red Is An Attention Grabber

Source: Mango

Though red can be a very intimidating color for men in an outfit, it’s a great way to turn heads. You don’t have to wear a bright red suit. Just incorporate small splashes of red in your outfit. 

Maybe get a red tie! It looks great in a black suit and white shirt. It’s classic and timeless. For more casual fits, wear a red polo shirt. 

12. Roll Your Sleeves Properly

Rolled sleeves can look very attractive if done properly. They are convenient as well, especially in summer. 

Don’t just put them up haphazardly though. Learn how to properly and neatly fold them. You can even iron them into place, so you don’t have to fold them every time. 

13. No Iron, No Problem, Throw A Shirt In The Dryer With An Ice Cube To Remove Wrinkles

Source: Toronto Star

For those of you who live alone, it’s not uncommon to not own an iron. Or maybe your iron isn’t working. Fret not, just put your shirt into the dryer with an ice cube. 

This will remove all the wrinkles and make your shirt look neat and clean. It’s easy and quick and anyone can do it. 

14. Sit Down While Buying A Button-down Shirt To See If It Fits More Accurately

Source: GQ

Having the right fit can really change how you look. Baggy clothes look unprofessional and no one likes a fit that’s too tight. 

When you’re buying button-down shirts, always remember to try them on and sit and move around. See if you are comfortable with all movements. Remember to check out our other post, “Being Stylish Does Not Mean Being Uncomfortable.

15. Upgrade The T-shirts With A Zipper Polo Or Buttonless Polo

Source: Abercrombie

An easy way to look more mature and professional is to ditch your tees. Instead, opt for a zipper polo or even a buttonless one. 

They look more put together and fit more of a semi-casual vibe. You don’t always have to look like a high school student.