7 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

The best thing about fashion is that you can have your own style, right? Well, a lot of us guys want to dress better but a lot of us don’t know where to begin. You might be dressing wrong but you just don’t know it. These are basic tips to help you feel more confident when going about your day whether that’s going to work, or going out on a date with that special someone. Follow these tips to dress for success!

The Muffin Top

One of the biggest difficulties that us guys have is muffin top, and we are talking about when our dress shirts come untucked. It looks sloppy, and you do not look put together. There are a few simple solutions that we can do to fix this issue to keep our dress shirts tucked in appropriately through out the day. First solution, try a military fold and tuck. You want to grab the extra fabric that you have on one side of the shirt and pull your pants up and over that fold. This will help you keep it tucked in longer and the shirt will look like a tailored shirt. Secondly, you can tailor the shirt which will bring in the sides and completely get rid of that extra fabric that you had in the first place.

Wear A Watch

Wearing a watch is a small detail that many guys forget about. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t actually use a watch to tell time. Nevertheless, watches definitely upgrade your outfit and make you look significantly more put together. Every man should have one watch that they can wear with everything. We recommend checking out some of our favorite watches below. You could also look to buy online if any watch catches your eye. They are a small investment that will go a long way in your wardrobe.

Iron Your Clothes

The only time your clothes should be wrinkly is if you are wearing linen. Take 5 minutes before your shower to iron your shirts, pants, tees, etc. Yes, even your t-shirts should be ironed. You don’t want to be on a first date and look like you just pulled your tee from the bottom of the hamper. Ironing your clothes can really elevate any outfit, but be sure to pay attention to the clothing labels to see if the material can be ironed.

Buy Clothes That Fit

Buy clothes that fit you right off the rack. If it doesn’t fit you properly but it’s close enough, that is your next best option. Then you can go to the tailor if needed. Clothes that fit you will look nicer, of course, but a lot of us guys buy clothes that don’t fit and end up not wearing them as a result. That is a waste of money and not a poor investment. We attached a diagram above that guides you through how to measure yourself at home with a tape measurer. This will help you know your correct size the next time you go shopping.

How To Properly Roll Your Sleeves

Rolling your sleeves sounds simple, right? It is, if you do it properly. Take your bottom sleeve and roll it up 3/4 of the way to your elbow. Next, take the extra fabric that is below the cuff and roll that up and over the cuff. Now you have a clean roll that you can rock whenever you are getting a little too hot.

Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

Keep the shades for the outdoors. Wearing sunglasses indoors doesn’t make sense to us. It’s an accessory that is meant to be worn outside on a sunny day, right? Secondly, have you ever tried wearing sunglasses inside? You can hardly see, so we don’t see why it’s necessary. No pun intended. Let’s keep the shades outdoors where they are meant to be worn.

Dressing For The Right Occassion

I’m sure a lot of us know the guy in the image above, Harvey Specter from Suits, or his real name Gabriel Macht. He is a fictional Lawyer yet his outfits are on point for his job. You have to know how to dress for the right occasion, whether thats a job, date, wedding, going to school, etc. It’s always a good idea to be over dressed then to be under dressed. You will feel more confident in yourself, and what you are wearing, if you show up over dressed. Trust us on this one.