Whenever Fall comes around it’s the perfect time to wear all those beautiful tan colors and suede boots. You can pair your boots with almost anything and look effortlessly put together. Let’s check out some boots that are worth every penny this fall.

If you don’t already have a collection of boots for the fall, now is the perfect time for a revamp of your closet. You should be on the lookout for some black leather boots for a classic look, maybe some brown suedes for that autumn color palette, and some blundstone boots in sydney (or where you may live) for manual work. Dowler Boots and Wingtip boots are also amazing options for you to try. 

Depending on your style aesthetics of course, which ones you should buy will differ. Fashion is very personal and very subjective, and your taste and choice are of utmost importance rather than following the latest trends. But if you feel lost about what might look good, I discuss a few options worth the buck to get you started. So, without further ado, let’s talk about boots. 

Boot Recommendations for The Fall 

Whether it be summer, winter or the rainy season, there is a boot for every month of the year. There is a certain aesthetic to styling with boots. And if you are feeling like bringing some of that aesthetic to your wardrobe this fall, you’re in the right place. 

Here, I will be presenting some boots that are perfect to wear during the fall. So, if you’re having trouble picking which boots to buy, and compliment the season, this list should help you out.  

The Rome Boot

This beautiful black Rome leather boot from Taft Clothing is a classic statement piece. It’s comfortable and durable and you can style it just as well with formal attire as you can with casual wear. Made with full-grain leather and a rubber lug sole it will last you all through fall and into winter and spring as well.

It’s a versatile shoe that you can keep wearing through all seasons, and it’ll make a statement every time. Pair with some denim pants and a casual t-shirt and you’re ready to hang out with your friends. Pair it with a suit and you are ready for a formal dinner with your colleagues. The possibilities are endless.

Scout Chukka Boots

The Chukka is a classic British boot style that has been around for ages. This Scout chukka from Thursday Boots gives you an American spin on a British tradition. The Cognac Suede is my favorite and gives you that beautiful autumn color palette. Pair it with a long tweed jacket and you’ll look put together, no matter what you’re wearing underneath.

Suede though can be tricky to take care of so I suggest that you don’t wear it through winter but just stick to fall for this. But they are made pretty tough with weather-safe suede, so even if you do it shouldn’t be a problem. The interior is made with leather and will fit you comfortably like a glove.

Dowler Boots

These Dowler Boots in Brown Suede are another pair perfect for Fall. It’s got this beautiful, deep, rich brown color almost like chocolate or coffee that will look amazing with dark black pants or a light denim wash.

They give you the sharp style of a leather dress shoe, with a suede softness for more versatility. You will find that they slip on like butter and are very comfortable no matter how long you wear them. The water-repellent suede also makes it easier to care for than regular suede shoes.

Dolomite Boots

The Dolomite Boot from Rhoades Footwear will become your everyday favorite. These boots are hand-made in Italy and give you the luxurious feel of leather, with the strength of grippy rubber soles. These are perfect for a hike and will last you a long time.

There are two colors available, and I recommend getting the one in Ebano which is this beautiful, warm tan color. It will look amazing with Denim and is great for casual wear.

Wingtip Boots

If you are feeling a little daring, then you can go to this amazing pair of Wingtip Boots in Color #77 from Thursday Boots. They have this beautiful dot work detail in the front and around the edges that give it that classic, cowboy style.

These are a statement and anywhere you wear them you are bound to get compliments. With hand-finished full-grain leather and a fully lined supple glove leather lining, these shoes feel as good as they look. Perfect for fall, and will look great with a good pair of Chinos.

Paul Chukka Boots

For a more traditional Chukka style, these Paul Chukka Boots from Frye in Cognac are a great option. It has a unique look and is somewhere between a formal shoe and a boot and hence is very versatile.

Built to last with Goodyear welted soles, and tonal laces to top off the look. Made with antique pull-up leather and hand brandished, this shoe will look amazing with formals. The color makes it perfect for fall and you can pair it with darker pants and impress everyone at your office.

Sonoma Suede Chelsea Boots

Who says you have to wear dark, warm shades of brown for fall? If the typical fall color palette does not fit your style, then you can go for this beautiful Sandstone color for the Sonoma Suede Chelsea Boot from the New Republic. The very well-known Chelsea boots style looks amazing with casuals but can also be styled with formals as well.

The suede Sandstone makes this boot stand out and look very chic from the rest. If you are intimidated by the color, they do have other options too but the Sandstone is my personal favorite. Lined with genuine split leather and a full-length natural crepe outsole, these boots will become a favorite through all the seasons.

When In Doubt Go Black!

All these boots were pretty amazing huh? So you might be having a hard time deciding which one to get. You could of course get multiple because they are all very different from one another and will give you a different look. But for starters, if you absolutely can’t decide I would personally suggest getting the Rome Boot from Taft in Black Leather.

It’s a classic leather boot with a twist. It’ll look good with almost anything you pair it with; be it suits or denim or even just casual chinos. You can look both young and hip and also professional and chic with this boot depending on how you style it. Plus, the black leather makes it extremely durable and wearable in almost any season.

So, if this is your very first boot, I would suggest getting the safe option and going with the Rome Boot. You will eventually figure out what you like for yourself and then you can experiment with suede or even a wingtip.


So now that we’ve checked out all of the boots worth every penny this fall, you can get shopping! You can order any of these online from their websites but I would suggest going to the stores to get a feel for yourself. No matter which one or ones you end up buying, trust me you won’t regret a single penny.