David Beckham, the man who has been rewriting fashion for men for decades. Fans don’t worship Beckham for his good looks only, which obviously make him so irresistible! Instead, it’s more about his awe-inspiring style! Today, David Beckham is the most requested style icon for any guy out there.

To be fair, people won’t be surprised if Beckham started to work for movies. He has excelled both in his athletic career and as a style icon. Suits, sweats, tees, tux, overcoats – he knows how to glamourize any piece of clothing with his iconic looks!

David Beckham redefines menswear with the enigma of his personal style. So, let’s learn how you can easily dress like this fashion God and what brands he endorses mostly. 

David Beckham: A Timeless Fashion Icon Alive

Former professional footballer of the team England, David Beckham is a remarkable name in the fashion books. This man in his late forties is still the dream boy of all ladies. Women from teens to women in their fifties, all are his crazy fans! 

However, the fashion sense of David Beckham seems to have outsmarted his career as an athlete. He could easily be the face of any top brand menswear! A man as handsome, jaw-dropping, and breathtaking as himself deserves to be on something like that!

Moreover, Beckham was the top athlete in the late nineties. He earned huge fame for Manchester United, Real Madrid, Preston North End, and more during his days. Since then, people have worshiped his fashion and tried to recreate his style, time, and time again.

Besides, he has been mentioned by Hollywood stars in the movies too. If you have watched the movie Love Actually, then you already know! 

Being an athlete, it’s not always easy to maintain the appearances up to the trends. But Mr. Beckham here never fails to keep us wonderstruck! No wonder why he is considered the timeless fashion God of the English people.

Outfit Goals From David Beckham That You Should Try

David Beckham rocks any kind of outfit he chooses to wear. Often, people get disappointed thinking they can’t ace their looks like Beckham; because they don’t have branded outfits to wear. But if you think like that, then you are seriously wrong! All you need is to follow some simple fashion tips.

So, I have singled out the seven best and simple looks that you can try out yourself. Just try to observe the style closely, and you can look the same! Although, there is nothing that I can do about Beckham’s dashing good looks!

A Simple Suit Jacket

Just look at him flaunting his looks with a nice simple blazer. In fact, with just some gel to set his hair and a pair of cool sneakers, he has owned this look. He showed us that he is at the top of his game. Say, be it a sports tournament or a fashion contest!

Source: DailyMail

The Babe Magnet Black Shirt Look

So, as you can see, this look was as effortless as it could be. Beckham just threw on a cool black shirt with a high cuffed neck collar. There are some contrast buttons on it. Also, he paired it up with some brown suede boots and a silver watch. 

Undoubtedly, it’s the best all-black summer look any man can try. The way he rolled up his sleeves to flaunt the tattoos just took away millions of breaths!

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Classic Black Blazer White Shirt 

David Beckham might look like a human God in this attire but the look is no different than the very casual old trend for men. Here, he wears a classic black blazer and a more classic white shirt inside. 

Also, he paired it up with an ebony black pair of shoes and some very black shades. Nonetheless, it’s a very familiar look. But he did justice to every piece of clothing he is wearing here!

Source: GQ Magazine

Denim Shirts And Beige Pants 

You can never go wrong with denim shirts. In this case, David was spotted on the streets of London wearing a casual white tee underneath. 

He threw a denim shirt over it and paired it up with cool beige pants. Also, to make it sporty, he complimented the attire with a pair of white sneakers.

Source: Public

Turtle Necks And White Sneakers 

Here, David Beckham is wearing a plain turtleneck sweater. It is a very casual winter look. To be fair, I think he has some weaknesses for white sneakers. Maybe his athletic days are not behind him yet! A headline said he was teaching men how to dress in their 40s!

In addition, he combined the look with a pair of cool brown pants and black sunglasses. Fans and paparazzi went crazy seeing him dress so casually yet with such elegance.

Source: GQ Magazine

Basic Check Shirt And Ripped Jeans 

Actually, almost all boys have a check shirt lying in their closet. So, what you need to do here is wearing a simple white tee beneath. 

Then pair it up with the classy torn jeans and set your hair right. Also, Beckham completed the look with some bracelets, a golden watch, and a ring. This iconic look just made Beckham a couple of years younger!

Source: Booj

Beckham Trademark – Double Breasted Suits

No one can look better than David Beckham himself in double-breasted suits. Be it a baggy suit or a skinny fit, and he just knows how to glamorize everything! So, he paired it with some beige pants again and a nice formal tie.

A headline said, when you stand next to a wife like Victoria Beckham, you have got to bring your A-game. Basically, they both complete each other’s looks. Fans spotted him in this look at a tennis match in Wimbledon in London.


I know you are still confused about whether to try out a double-breasted suit or not! Anyway, put aside your woes. I recommend you check out this link from Hawes and Curtis. There are a number of colors here you can choose from.

David Beckham’s Favorite Brands  

David Beckham has a unique style of flaunting his outfits. That is to say, you can never tell if he is advertising for the brand or just showing off his maddening looks! Often, he has been found to show a little more love to a number of brands. Thanks to the media, we could spot a few.

He was associated with House 99, Kim Jones, and many other remarkable names. A few times, fans found him wearing the best from the Dior. All these brands are worth millions and billions of dollars. He played a huge role in launching the grooming brand for men, House 99. They had a partnership with the brand L’Oréal Luxe.

Also, the Peaky Blinders were happy to have him showing off their trademark look. He was spotted a few times wearing the cool Shelby Tweed News Boy and The Baker Boy Caps

Best of all, he wore Louis Vuitton a couple of times and left us in awe. Be it their knitwear or shoes or sneakers or belts or whatever! Besides, he also endorsed H&M and the Tom Ford suits. All these brand deals have proved to be worth it for him, time and again!

Whatever his style, it seems the piece of clothing becomes more glamorous just cause he wore it. In fact, Beckham has been the style icon since the nineties when the world first got to know him. He is designated as the Timeless Fashion God because he has never failed to match the trends.

Furthermore, Beckham’s collection of beige suits are bewildering. In other words, he has a huge collection of muted color palettes. He has an unofficial Ph.D. in suiting up! Beckham will never fail to flaunt his masculinity with his style.


David Beckham and his timeless trends will never go out of fashion. I know you are looking for ways to look like your idol. So, I suggest you try out the seven looks I discussed. In fact, they are super easy to try and very much on the affordable edge!

I hope this article helped you to get the styling tricks and tips that you were looking for. Thank you for reading the article with patience.