The title of this article says it all. My name is Hunter Vought, I have been creating content for brands for the past 5 years now. I dropped out of college, and started this journey during my senior year of high school. I started out posting my daily outfits on a page called VoTrends at the time. The outfits were posted in outfit grid style and I eventually switched over to creating lifestyle content posting myself and putting myself out there.

Since then I have worked with the largest brands in the industry like, Omega, Old Spice, Express, Abercrombie, Suit Supply, Gym Shark, RayBan, Banana Republic, and so many more. I have also traveled to multiple countries working with more than a dozen Four Seasons properties. I capture high resolution images and videos for brands, hotels, etc, that they can use for their own marketing materials. I do post to my Instagram page as well, @huntervought. I look at my instagram page as my own portfolio. Having people come to my page page and leaving inspired is what I want from my own content.

I learned a lot during these past few years and the biggest thing I have learned is how I value myself and my own business. I now make a 6 figure income and so can you. It’s easy to get started but its the consistency that is hard work. You need a strong mentality, So, how does one begin and what are some key things to consider? I got you covered.

Shot by: @huntervought
Shot by: @ianstauffer_

Finding Your Niche And Sticking To It

This is definitely the most basic tip to getting started but it is important. Why you ask? Well, first hand I started growing a mens outfit grid Instagram page and eventually converted it into a mens lifestyle fashion page. So, the content that my followers were use to, is now different which ended up negatively effecting the pages growth. I highly recommend sticking with the same content and making it very diversified right off the bat. Your followers will then know what they are getting from the beginning and won’t be handed any curve balls down the line. That will lead to more growth and you wont lose as many followers moving forward.

Don’t Just Post To One Social Platform

When you are first starting out try to create accounts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Etc. If you stick to one social platform that is great and all but a few years down the line when you want to start a YouTube channel you will be playing catch up with your followers. I found that out for myself. I put so much time into Instagram and then I wanted to diversify and post to YouTube. The problem with that was, that I started to put a lot of time into YouTube to catch up but didn’t give my Instagram love anymore. If you can do them all right off the bat, that’s even better because you will grow them all at once. Also, with social media platforms, you can now pay to gain active users so that you can increase the growth of your social media and attract more followers in the future. It is really easy to buy active followers for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, so it is definitely worth considering if you want to grow your brand quicker. Remember to take a break for yourself for your own mental health because it can become a lot all at once. Else, you could also outsource this work to any marketing professionals, as they might help you do all this work and deliver the results you expect. By doing so, you can then take time to focus on other important matters. But remember to do the necessary research before you part your work with someone else. You could read up articles online or read this blog from iTonic, to gain more clarity.

Create High Quality Content

If you are wanting to stand out from the millions and millions of creators on social media you will want to invest in some camera gear. I use the Sony a7r iii with a few different lenses. Of course, you do not need this camera but using something of higher quality than your iPhone is a good idea. Brands want high quality content and you can make money by selling them to brands so they can use the assets for their own marketing purposes. I doubt they will be able to blow up your iPhone photo for a photo that is used in their stores. The quality will not be there.

Know The Value Of Your Work (not your time)

If you sit down to think about how much goes into a photoshoot it can get expensive for brands. They would have to higher a photographer, make up, stylists, rent a location, etc. It will get pricey for them. You want to value your work at a cost that is fair for both parties. Brands should pay you a couple thousand dollars for a shoot because in the end of the day you did the heavy lifting for them. You scouted the location, put the whole shoot together and shot it for yourself unless you hired a photographer for yourself. Depending on the agreement, most brands will use your assets to advertise their own brands which will bring them at most times thousands of dollars. We all want a piece of the pie, right? So, ask for an amount that might sound absurd in your head but who knows if they will say yes. You can always negotiate.

Taking The Plunge

Before taking the plunge and doing this full time there are a few things to consider. You want to see how much money you are bringing in each month to see if you can afford your living style. I also recommend checking out Willa. A payment app that allows you to get paid upfront for all of your projects. Being a full time creator its stressful waiting for money to come in when you have already finished your work so I highly recommend using Willa. For myself it was very stressful waiting on payments and seeing if they would actually get paid on time. I have had a few payments that were months late for work I had done months prior. Not fun, and very stressful. You also want to think about a game plan doing this long term. Try and pivot at some point and choose a path that will allow you to do what you love full time. Trust me, this will be worth it years down the road. Also, when you start out, do not keep relying on everyone to do the work for you. Maybe, at a later advanced stage, you can. If your startup relies on an individual, you might want to think about getting a key person life insurance policy for that person. By doing so, you would always have this insurance to fall back on in case things between you two do not work out in the future. On that note, whether you start a blog, website, YouTube, brand, modeling, social agency, it is all in your hands at that point but these are all long-term and will pay off.

Today’s Conclusion

These are just a few basic steps and tips on how to start in this industry. It does take a lot of hard work and time to grow but if you are consistent enough you will see the growth and the hard work pay off. If you want us to do a part two, to this article let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe to our emailing list. You don’t want to miss out on articles like this one, and to follow the @stylishmanmag over on Instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, coming from a full time digital creator, @huntervought.