For many of us, building a bigger chest might be a real struggle. Of course, all of us are built differently and a bigger chest might come quicker than others. With a good diet and a surplus of calories you too can build out that dream chest. We have done the research and found you 8 chest exercises that you do not want to skip from top trainer Jeff Cavalier aka AthleanX. We included more upper chest workouts since you will fill out your chest quicker by focusing more on the upper chest. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more daily lifestyle inspiration, @stylishmanmag.

  1. Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press
Via: AthleanX

2. Barbell or Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (angle should be between 30 – 45 degrees)

3. Upper Chest Upper Cut (load the weight on this one)

4. Dual Cable UCV Raise

5. Landmine Crossovers

6. Weighted Dip (lean a little forward to hit your upper chest)

7. High To Low Cable Cross Over

8. Banded Push Ups (a good alternative to a regular push up)