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When it comes to wearing a watch it may seem simple, right? You just throw it on and that’s, that. Well, not exactly, there are a lot of things to consider when you are and aren’t wearing a watch. We want you to wear your beautiful time piece with confidence so take a look at our 5 rules of wearing a watch below.

Don’t Wear A Watch That Has A Face That Is Too Big

All of us have a different size wrist, which means you will want to find a watch face that fits your wrist correctly. You do not want a watch face that overlaps your wrist size. In simpler terms do not buy one that is too big. It will actually make your wrists look tiny and it will steal the show from the rest of your outfit. We recommend going for a 38mm to a 40mm watch face. That should be a good fit for most men.

Wear Your Watch On The Correct Wrist

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This one is tricky but also pretty simple. There is no right wrist to wear your watch on. You can wear your watch on your left or right it just depends on what you find more comfortable. We recommend wearing your wrist on your non dominant hand. This way you will not be catching it on everything or find it uncomfortable while writing or doing certain tasks through out your day.

Make Sure Your Watch Fits In The Correct Manner

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When it comes to the fit of your watch you want to wear it above your wrist bone, which means you need it to fit properly. You do not want your watch to be sliding up and down your arm. Leather bands are easily adjustable so you shouldn’t have a problem with getting the right fit. Metal bands are a little more difficult. You will want to remove any unwanted links which can be taken out at your local jeweler if it does not fit right off the bat, most of the times they will do it for free or for a small fee. You can also buy a band adjuster kit to do it yourself. Check this one out on Amazon by clicking here.

Wear The Correct Watch With The Correct Outfit

If you own multiple watches make sure you are wearing the correct style watch with the correct style outfit. You do not want to wear a diver watch with a suit and or a dress watch with a tee and jeans. A metal band is considered to be more casual so perhaps opt in to wearing a diver watch with a casual outfit like a sweater, khakis and sneakers. Check out the different types of watches below and wear accordingly.

  • Dress Watches
  • Diver Watches
  • Chrono / Sports Watches
  • Pilot Watches
  • Field Watches

Skip The Bling

Let’s keep this one short and sweet. If you can’t afford the real deal when it comes to diamonds perhaps you should pass on purchasing that specific watch. These watches don’t hold their value either which isn’t the best investment in the end of the day. Iced out watches look tacky and cheap so stick to a time piece that is classic and timeless.