Healthy hair is a must for any guy, right? The men of today definitely care more about the little things like hair, teeth, nails, etc. than the men years before us did. Living a healthy lifestyle is what most of us want. The problem is, how can we live a healthy lifestyle when there is a lot of loud information out there? Today we will be talking about how we as men can work towards having healthy hair for years to come and some of these tips might even be a surprise to you.

Using A Proper Shampoo

Let’s start off with shampoo and conditioner. If you are using a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner you might want to throw that bottle away. A single product cannot open and close the cuticle at the same time. Shampoo is meant to open our cuticles on our scalp to clean any dirt and product that might be trapped. Conditioner is meant to close the cuticles so dirt and product doesn’t build up as easily and it can leave our hair looking moisturized and looking fresh. So we highly recommend separately buying shampoo and conditioner.

There are a lot of shampoos and conditioners out there. So what one should you use? Here are a few of our favorite hair products that will leave your hair free of any harsh chemicals and looking healthier than ever. Quick tip, don’t be scared of using products that are marketed towards women, who says us men can’t use women’s hair products?

Wash Your Hair Accordingly

There is a lot of speculation on how often you should wash your hair. There’s no clear answer to this one but waiting every other day or 2-3 days will work. In all honesty though you’ll want to wash your hair if it looks too oily, it’s itchy or if there’s signs of flaking. Don’t over wash it though. That will result in dry hair and your scalp will not have its essential oils necessary to have healthy looking hair.

Using The Proper Hair Tools

Once you are out of the shower it’s time to style your hair. First things first, you do not want aggressively towel dry your hair. This can damage your hair over time. It can cause split ends and even small craters along the hair shaft leading to weaker hair which may break off while towel drying. You will want to take your towel and squeeze your hair with it. This will help remove the water in a more gentle manner. When combing your hair you will want to use a wide tooth comb or a specific hair brush that is good on wet hair for example a Wet Brush. We listed a few options for you below that won’t pull or damage your hair while trying to put it into place.

Wet Brush Original Detangler on Amazon (good for wet or dry hair)
Paul Mitchell Detangler Comb on Amazon (good for taming and detangling hair)

How To Properly Blow Dry Your Hair

Slow and steady wins the race, in this case. Before you do anything make sure you spray your hair with a heat protectant. When looking for a product to help protect your hair from heat, you’ll want to look for ingredients like humectants, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients will help lock in moisture when blow drying your hair so it doesn’t look dry in the end. You’ll want to set your blow dryer to a medium heat. Do NOT put it on high heat as this will damage your hair. Start blow drying your hair and focusing on the roots. Don’t get to close to your scalp though, we would hate for you to burn your scalp or cause any irritation. By doing this you will not create split ends which is what we are always trying to avoid. Get to the point where your hair is 80% dry and then apply product to finish things off. Check out some of our favorite heat protecting sprays below.


Taking the time to follow these steps will help your hair look healthy and your hair will be thanking you down the road for years to come. If you liked today’s post don’t forget to subscribe to our website for more helpful tips and tricks to living a healthy lifestyle.