The Stylish Man started in March 2013 as a hobby of mine. I would always love to bookmark articles on various topics. The curation of these articles started on the Flipboard iPad app. In March of 2013 Flipboard developed the ability to create public magazines and The Stylish Man was born. Over the last 4 years we have had nearly 50,000,000 page flips making us the largest curated magazine out of 30 million.

In early 2015, I expanded to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest under the name @stylishmanmag. We have a growing social media presence with over 400,000 Instagram followers across several pages.

In March of 2016, our company was formed under the corporate name Kaihatsu Media, LLC. Kaihatsu means ‘develop’ in Japanese. We are here to develop educational content and most of all, develop relationships with our fans. We expanded to helping brands develop and execute influencer marketing strategies to support their brand awareness and social media goals.

In June of 2017, magazine site launched as the home base for all of our created content. I am committed to providing an exceptional site covering everything to make you a better man. As our tagline reads, we are Men’s Fashion, Fitness, Grooming, Gadgets and Guy Stuff ®.

Ryan Sprance

Creator / Editor-In-Chief

Featured by Gary Vaynerchuk in his ‘Crushing It’ publication on Medium


Featured on Flipboard – July 2017

Affiliate Partnerships

On our site we will reference products that we believe in. Occasionally these products are attached to an affiliate link which could result in us getting a small commission if purchased. This commission helps us to operate our site and create great content to share. We will never endorse a product which we do not believe in.


Not Sponsored, Just Awesome ®


In our Review section we will review several products and provide detailed insight.  If these products are marked with a ‘Not Sponsored, Just Awesome ®’ logo, this means we are receiving no compensation for this content.


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